DEAR READERS: Understand that we’ve not heard everything that’s out there. We won’t comment on equipment that we’ve yet to hear or respond with comparisons between units that we’ve not heard side by side.

Know that weeks of listening, note-taking and writing go into each review that we publish – plus photos – and we are unlikely to offer further comment on the unit in question beyond that which is contained in the product review.

If it’s not mentioned in the review, we didn’t do it. And if we did it, you’ll find it in the review.

Darko.Audio’s publishing policy is wholly democratic. Our primary objective is to pen commentary for the benefit of all readers, not individuals asking questions via email.

We are unable to offer a consultancy service to readers seeking buying advice or technical support. For that, you should talk to the manufacturer or your nearest dealer.

DEAR MANUFACTURERS: please use the form below to initiate contact if you wish to send Darko.Audio a press release or product announcement for consideration as a news item.

Crowdfunded products coming to market via Indiegogo or Kickstarter will only be covered if 1) production units have begun shipping to campaign backers OR 2) a full refund is made available to project backers in the event of production/shipping delays or fundamental changes to the product’s form or function.

Manufacturers looking to have a product reviewed should note that a 20 week lead time currently exists. Please check out the review queue and review process formalities before soliciting Darko.Audio’s services.

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