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    All new Schiit Mjolnir headphone amplifier and Gungnir DAC

    It’s that time again…time for some all-new Schiit! Just as the pixels dry on Darko’s Bifrost review, Schiit Audio announce details of their first balanced set-up: the Mjolnir balanced headphone amplifier and Gungnir balanced upgradable DAC. That Norse mythology product naming is gonna play havoc with those who insist that ‘BiTfrost’ is the name of Schiit’s entry-level DAC.
    “Mjolnir is a breakthrough,” said Jason Stoddard, Co-Founder of Schiit Audio. “It provides high power, low noise, and low distortion, thanks to our unique Crossfet™ circlotron-style topology. Despite its mid-level price, it’s a no-excuses, truly balanced amp with exceptional performance.”

    “Mjolnir’s maximum output is 8W RMS per channel into 32 ohms, or 5W RMS per channel into 50 ohms—ideal for power-hungry orthodynamic headphones. At the same time, its noise floor is low enough to be used with sensitive headphones like Grado and Denon.”

    “Gungnir has the most advanced clock regeneration of any DAC, our Adapticlock™ system,” Mike Moffat said. “No matter the quality of the source, Adapticlock automatically chooses the ideal system for regenerating the clocks–VCXO or VCO. In this way, we can lock to virtually any source and provide excellent jitter rejection.”

    “Gungnir is also a hardware-balanced DAC, with two AKM4399 D/A converters, fully discrete analog section and differential summing for single-ended output. Its analog stage offers DC coupling from input to output, as well as high operating voltage and low-noise JFETs for excellent THD and noise performance.”

    “This time, it’s our first-ever balanced components, the Mjolnir headphone amp and Gungnir DAC. Both offer true “end game” performance at a mid-range price point, and both are true “one and only” products with significant technical advances. Mjolnir is the world’s only dedicated circlotron-style headphone amp, and Gungnir offers the most advanced clock regeneration system available in any DAC.”

    No pre-orders are being taken presently but curious audiophiles can register their interest on the respective product information pages: Gungnir and Mjolnir

    Schiit Audio expects to ship Mjolnir in June 2012, at a retail price of US$749, and Gungnir in August 2012, at a retail price of US$749 without USB, and US$849 with USB.

    Gungnirs ordered without USB can be upgraded to add the USB input at any time for $150. In the future, Schiit Audio will make selected upgrades available for Gungnir when there are meaningful changes in USB or D/A conversion technology.

    More information on the Mjolnir here and here.

    More information on the Gungnir here and here. Continue reading

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    Schiit’s Jotunheim: entry-level, endgame head-fi

    Since their 2010 inception, Schiit Audio have carved themselves out as industry disruptors. Their company name keeps the would-be Dad jokers amused whilst slowly extending a middle finger to anal-retentives. If you’re easily offended by the sloganeering – “This Schiit is bananas”, “Some seriously good Schiit”, “It’s the Schiit” – […]

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    Schiit announce $249 Modi Multibit DAC

    The guys from Schiit Audio have been doing the multi-bit DAC thing for a good couple years now. First came the top of the line Yggdrasil DAC, then multi-bit takes on the Gungnir (which I rate VERY highly) and the Bifrost. According to Schiit, “Multibit DACs differ from the vast majority […]

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    Talking Schiit about MQA, DSD at CanJam SoCal 2016

    Schiit Audio was founded in mid 2010 by Mike Moffat (designer of the very first outboard DAC at Theta Digital) and Jason Stoddard (ex-Sumo, marketing guru, published sci-fi writer). The intervening half-decade has seen the pair establish themselves as one seriously high watermark when it comes to sharp value audio products. In that time the […]

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