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    Bryston’s BDP-π is a rich, Roon Ready slice of Raspberry Pi

    How much is your time worth? That’s the question we might ask ourselves when first glancing at Bryston Limited’s latest digital audio streamer, the BDP-π, which for US$1295 gives us a Raspberry Pi and Hifiberry Digi+ snapped into a custom case and boxed up with switch mode power supply – a combination that might otherwise be purchased for […] More

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    Roon Ready comes to Bryston BDP-1, BDP-2

    In the network audio ecosystem that is Roon, the remote tells the server (aka Core) which audio to push to the Roon endpoint, when to stop pushing, when to skip to the next track or when to play something different, even from Tidal. The most affordable Roon endpoint are the Apple TV and Apple Airport Express. In saving coin, users […] More

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    SOtM prep sMS-200: LMS/MPD server, Roon Ready player

    Eunhasu is the Korean word for Milky Way (or Galaxy). It’s also the name given by South Korean digital audio company SOtM to the in-house coded, web server daemon that runs on the ARM board found inside their all new sMS-200 server/player. The control panel’s colourful config screen, accessible via IP address, puts the small hardware brick in one of three operational […] More

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    Merging Technologies demo NADAC with Roon Ready, Core

    A year is very long time in digital audio. When Swiss company Merging Technologies – they of Pyramix studio consoles – launched the NADAC (“Network Attached DAC”) in early 2015, its Ethernet input and RAVENNA transmission protocol combo promised asynchronously networked digital audio. Buh-bye USB and S/PDIF. DAR caught up with the NADAC at the Munich audio show in […] More

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    Roon Ready certification comes to exaSound PlayPoint

    “A Roon Ready product is a hardware audio player which has implemented RAAT and been certified by the Roon team for proper implementation”. That’s how Roon themselves describe Roon Ready. For the layman, it means the certified third party network device can play catch on the digital audio stream emanating from a Roon server before it […] More

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    What the gosh darn heck is Roon Ready?

    “Roon Ready” signage glows with a ghostly blue-white. At a number of CES 2016’s Venetian Hotel suites – in the Bryston room, in the Bel Canto room, in the Danville Electronics room (see above) – it was close to unmissable. To the uninitiated though, the questions barks some, “What the gosh darn heck is Roon Ready?” […] More

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    Bryston show HDMI BDA-3, Roon Ready BDP-2 at CES 2016

    The logo that glowed from the rack central to Bryston’s main display at CES said it all: the Canadian manufacturer are one of numerous signees to the Roon Ready programme. Their Linux-based BDP-2 streamer (US$3000) enjoys frequent firmware updates, sometimes as often as once a month, and next to arrive will be Roon Endpoint playability. Elsewhere, Bitperfect playback is handled via MPD. Control outside of Roon […] More

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    CES 2016: Roon Labs detail RoonReady partnerships

    Throughout 2015 I wrote the bejesus out of Roon. Go here, here, here, here, here, and here for in-depth coverage. Roon’s intuitive and clean interface screams to be touched, its meta data reveal goes coal mine deep and its network stability is rock solid, even when streaming hi-res content (which you can’t do with Apple Airplay). No surprises then that Roon was anointed DAR’s […] More

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    PS Audio ready Redcloud OS, add Spotify & Qobuz support

    The DirectStream DAC is not like other DACs. Instead of a more common off-the shelf DAC chip, PS Audio load an FPGA chip with software coded by one Ted Smith, he of wizard beard and Hawaiian shirt. And like the computer operating systems we use daily, Smith’s DirectStream code is updated semi-regularly – at zero […] More

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    Letters to the editor: Know-how with KEF & Roon

    On digital audio knowledge, it’s not what we know that matters most but our ability to grasp what we don’t know. High-end digital audio asks us to install software and USB drivers and troubleshoot the same. When faced with a roadblock, do we dismiss the pursuit of better sound quality as overly complicated or do […] More

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