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    A better sounding Raspberry Pi with JustBoom’s Digi HAT

    Previously on Raspberry Pi: a €35 palm-sized computer deployed as Roon/MPD-streaming endpoint. Drama! Intrigue! There must be a plot twist, right? Yessir: sound quality. As a network streamer, the Raspberry Pi alone can’t keep pace with the bigger boys like the AURALiC Aries Mini and (especially) the Sonore microRendu. On […] More

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    EISA awards 2018/19 ring the bell for Future-Fi

    EISA. The European Image and Sound Association is a conglomerate of (some of) the world’s finest tech journalists who annually bestow awards on the best in in-car electronics, mobiles devices, home theatre, photography and hi-fi equipment. Winning EISA awards in the hi-fi for 2018/19 are: Micromega M-One M150 for ‘High-end […] More

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    Mytek Liberty DAC review

    Half the size, half the functionality, half the price. Sort of – bear with me. Does the Mytek Liberty DAC (preview here) deliver half the sound quality of the Brooklyn DAC (review here) and Brooklyn+ DAC (review here) on which its design was based? Neither was on hand for comparison […] More

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    10 ‘must-hear’ active loudspeakers

    Not everyone taking an interest in a better hifi system wants to engage in the sport of hi-fi: mixing and matching amplifiers to extract the best performance from a pair of passive loudspeakers before adding a DAC and network streamer. Many modern hi-fi buyers have a thirst for better sound […] More

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    Pro-Ject’s densely packed Pre Box S2 Digital

    Seventy-five products, seven ranges. There’s a lot to get your head around with Pro-Ject Audio Systems audio hardware. They’re best known for their turntables but this Austrian company also make ‘Box-Design’ electronics – small price, smaller form factor. Internet chatter recently surfaced the £300/€345 Pre Box S2 Digital. The name’s […] More

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    Going home and away with the Chord Poly

    Home. Berlin, Thursday, 5.30am. Sleep was elsewhere. I was wrong. Not just the title of the 8-minute closing of The Sisters of Mercy’s Vision Thing – on this morning streaming via Roon from an Intel NUC, via Ethernet cabling, to the Chord Mojo – but also the concept of having erred. […] More

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