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    The Music-First Audiophile and Spotify Connect

    Missing: Richard D. James. I Care Because You Do. Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2. Drukqs. Four downright essential Aphex Twin albums and nowhere to be found. Missing too was Prefab Sprout’s Crimson Red (from 2013) and Luna’s debut Lunapark (from 1992). Missing from where exactly? Tidal. Despite an advertised 50 million+ songs, for this electronic/indie music […] More

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    10 ‘must-hear’ active loudspeakers

    Not everyone taking an interest in a better hifi system wants to engage in the sport of hi-fi: mixing and matching amplifiers to extract the best performance from a pair of passive loudspeakers before adding a DAC and network streamer. Many modern hi-fi buyers have a thirst for better sound quality at home but derive […] More

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    Not new news: Electrocompaniet’s ECI 6DX

    It’s not new but it’s new to me after iconic Norwegian hi-fi manufacturer tagged yours truly in an Instagram post today about their ECI 6DX: a single box of electronics that plays elegantly to this website’s editorial lean toward super-integrated amplifiers where amplifier, DAC and network streamer come together under one roof to dispense with hi-fi […] More

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    KIH #58 – Close encounters

    Fielding it. Near, far or mid? That’s today’s question. On a recording/mastering console where our music is made, the studio monitor speakers tend to sit at less than 2.5 metres from the listener. Often they sit as near as 1 metre right behind the console.  In the home, 2.5 metres is where things tend to […] More

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    Darko.Audio podcast #7 – Streaming methods

    Naim’s Uniti Atom could be the poster child of the modern hi-fi age: a small 40wpc integrated amplifier with probably the best volume control in the world that streams every which way: aptX Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, Googlecast, UPnP and Roon; plus Internet radio and Tidal through Naim’s own app. The Uniti Atom is the perfect platform […] More

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    AudioQuest announce Rocket 11, 22 loudspeaker cable

    Long multiplication. We learn through experience. Through doing. Over and over. It’s only much later that some of us begin to understand what’s going on inside the long multiplication algorithm and why it works. Many of us don’t. We simply trust in the process. Our trust derived from past experience. Audio cables are not too […] More

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    The DAP days are over (Part 3: LG V30)

    Why do digital audio players exist? Simply put: because many smartphones just don’t sound very good. They aren’t designed to satisfy audiophile sensibilities. Furnishing the mass market with thinner smartphones loaded with more resolving cameras is a higher priority for manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and Sony than delivering better sound quality through the 3.5mm […] More

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    A short film about HEDD Audio

    Fernsehdienst. In a former TV and VCR repair station situated next to Berlin’s busy Ringbahn, Klaus Heinz (ex Adam Audio), makes active loudspeakers under the name HEDD – ‘Heinz Electrodynamic Designs’ – where custom built/doped mid/bass drivers get crossed over with an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter. Heinz’s AMT is an extension of the pioneering […] More

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    Audio-gd’s R2R 11 is another $350 R-2R DAC

    Audio-gd is no Johnny-come-lately. The Chinese company has been making DACs, headphone amplifiers and two-channel components for well over ten years with the value quotient delivered by their PCM-1704-K DAC designs remaining largely unsurpassed to this day. The catch? For the majority of territories, customers buy blind; direct from the factory. Some listeners prefer the sound of an […] More

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    Airist Audio’s R-2R DAC: $350 via Massdrop

    A breath of fresh Airist — five young guns, whose education background runs from Harvard to Columbia to MIT, are back from the quiet success of their Heron 5 headphone amplifier with a new product: the Massdrop x Airist Audio R-2R DAC. Almost everything we need to know is in the product name to make the […] More

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    Giant steps from the Vinnie Rossi LIO DAC 2.0

    LIO, not LEO. This lion’s name is built from the first initials of designer Vinnie Rossi’s wife and two daughters. A hi-fi platform whose stealth approach comes double twisted by way of ultracapacitor power banks and modularity. Rossi’s LIO platform is user-configurable to serve as a loudspeaker amplifier, a proper headphone amplifier, a phono stage, […] More

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