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    OnSight: HEM Electronics, makers of Mytek

    OEM? If you’re Mytek Digital’s Michal Jurewicz, you look to your mother country to assist with manufacturing. Mytek gear is designed in Brooklyn, NY but made in Poland by a company called HEM Electronics. Owned by one Marcin Hamerla, HEM is located in the small town of Pruszków, about 20 […]

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    RME quietly updates their ADI-2 DAC

    ADI-2 DAC. We first encountered RME’s domestic facing desktop DAC at Superbooth ’18. Like Mytek, RME is a DAC manufacturer serving both studio and home-based listeners: “Derived from their ADI-2 Pro, the ADI-2 DAC (€999) drops the Pro’s analogue inputs and associated ADC for a streamlined DAC and headphone amplifier […]

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    Podcast #17 – What’s new? (Oct/Nov 2019)

    Good evening: this is the news — and this is the format to which we’ll be moving the Darko.Audio podcast in 2020. For episode #17, recorded last Friday, Jeff Dorgay and I discuss audio discoveries and experiences from October and November, taking in Arizona’s LMC Home Entertainment, the 2019 Warsaw […]

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    A short film about 3 x wired IEMs: iBasso, Campfire, Meze

    Bluetooth. It gives us wireless headphones that first process the signal in the digital domain (DSP), correcting/tweaking/smoothing their frequency response before the amplification stage talks directly to the driver. That’s none too dissimilar to active loudspeakers where the consumer buys a complete headphone system and sidesteps the mix n’ match […]

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    Schiit commits Heresy with all-opamp Magni

    Dogma says: tubes are better than solid-state; vinyl is better than digital; multibit is better than delta-sigma. These are the sounds of the Know-It-All-Audiophile whose black and white ideological thinking makes no room for shades of grey: no room for “Yes, but…”; no room for outliers; no room for matters […]

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    Giving thanks

    Darko.Audio turned nine years old in September but an overloaded work schedule refused to make space for a celebratory post. Last year, knee-deep in video scripting, this site’s eighth birthday sailed on by without a word. I must do better at marking these anniversaries. Last night, I went to bed […]

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    Buy-to-try this Black Friday

    What does the USA get for giving thanks? The hangover of Black Friday, during which many retailers write big business through heavy discounts. Some high street stores attract big crowds and once the doors open on the bigger outlets, stampedes occur. The worst of consumer culture? Perhaps. With audio enthusiasts […]

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    Discover music more easily with Roon v1.7

    For digital audio dads and cloud streamers, the configuration complexity of software used to stream music can be overwhelming for many a newcomer. By the time we’ve got the server correctly configured, the network streamer connected to our amplifier and a smartphone or tablet in hand, ready to tell the […]

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    The hi-fi show conundrum

    “Would you like to listen?” asked the hi-fi show exhibitor after introducing his new amplifier at Mitteldeutsche Hifi-Tage 2019 (MDHT 2019). It was clear from the quizzical facial expression that my polite “Nein danke” had taken him by surprise. I quickly offered some clarification: “I don’t come to shows to […]

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