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    A short film about the Volumio Primo

    Holes — dug by little moles. Logitech and AURALiC. The former’s Squeezebox Touch – a frugalphile favourite – was discontinued in 2012. The latter’s Aries Mini – another goto entry-level streamer – quietly slipped away in 2018. Those are big holes to fill. Stepping forward is Volumio, coders of the […]

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    Schiit introduce Ragnarok the Second

    Let’s cut the Schiit: is the Californian company’s second-generation Ragnarok a 60wpc Class A/B integrated amplifier with a dedicated headphone amplifier? Or is it a powerful 24 Watt balanced – or 6 Watt single-ended – headphone amplifier armed with loudspeaker outputs? It’s both but, according to Schiit, Ragnarok 2 is […]

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    Amazon Echo Link review follow-up

    We’ve already seen how Amazon’s Echo Link (US$199/€199) can add Alexa-powered streaming to a hi-fi system, albeit with mixed results: the unit’s internal DAC implementation is an also-ran and its 3.5mm headphone output has music sounding distant and foggy. An external DAC is all but mandatory for discerning listeners moving […]

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    A short film about the Amazon Echo Link

    Formally introduced last year, the Echo Link from Amazon gives us Alexa-powered music streaming for US$199/€199. An Ethernet socket hardwires the Echo Link into a home network; the Amazon Alexa app facilitates a wireless connection. Round back, a pair of digital inputs – coaxial and TOSLINK – and analogue outputs […]

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    True to source

    Got the itch for a new piece of audio gear? Chances are you’ll visit your local hi-fi dealer for a demo. Will you take your measurement kit with you? Most dealers would tell you to take a hike. Like me, you probably neither own the hardware to take measurements nor […]

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    [Updated] Going down for maintenance…

    UPDATE: all maintenance work has now been completed. Heads up! We’ll be doing some maintenance to Darko.Audio this weekend. A handful of highly technical – but highly routine – updates will be applied to the back end. Going under the hood means we might go dark for an hour or […]

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    Freshly-squeezed streaming!

    The dead don’t die. Logitech put a bullet in the Squeezebox Touch (pictured above) back in 2012 but the software ecosystem lives on: Logitech Media Server (LMS) continues to enjoy community development and distribution as a free download under a GNU GPL; software client SqueezeLite can be installed to turn […]

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    A short film about the HEDD Audio Type 20

    Studio monitors vs. audiophile standmounts. What’s the difference? Is an active loudspeaker not an active loudspeaker, irrespective of its use case? The irony isn’t lost on me (and probably you) that housebound audiophiles who claim a thirst for accuracy often exclaim (!) a studio monitor as ‘too accurate!’. Thinking of […]

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    Darko.Audio podcast #15 – Lifestyle products

    Lifestyle products. They look good but, in the high-end audio world, do they necessarily sound good? Perhaps not twenty years ago but in 2019 there are a good number of highly attractive pieces of audio hardware that easily hold their own against conservatively-styled (or functionally singular) rivals: hello Devialet, Micromega, […]

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