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    A beginner’s guide to DACs

    Not everyone is an expert. Not everyone understands the jargon. Not everyone has the confidence to say, “I don’t know”. It’s important to stay as mindful of what you don’t know as what you do know (and how you learned those things). I’ve been reviewing DACs and covering high-end audio […]

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    Qobuz waves ‘Au Revoir’ to MP3

    Studio Premier — the name of a new subscription tier from Qobuz that offers 50 million songs in CD quality and hi-res…and absolutely not in MP3. The world’s best-known lossy codec is now reportedly gone from the French streaming company’s servers. Bye bye. See you never. From the press release: […]

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    Innuos ZEN Mini MK3 w/ LPSU review

    Not long ago, I reviewed the Nativ Vita – a powerhouse music server with large hi-res touch screen, support for over a dozen streaming services, and vast connectivity. Even more recently, our publisher spent some time with the Auralic Altair G1, which takes a somewhat different approach yet still arrives […]

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    A short film about the Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

    MrSpeakers don’t make loudspeakers — that much is obvious to head-fi scenesters already hip to the company’s stellar reputation as a manufacturer of musically insightful planar-magnetic headphones. But it’s not so obvious to newcomers who would, quite rightly, query the logic of such an ass-backwards company name. With this in […]

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    The 2019 UK Hi-Fi Show, Live from Ascot

    The 2019 UK HiFi Show Live. The same ingredients but a new venue: the Grandstand at Ascot Racecourse, which gave it a really different feel, the imposing architecture generating a real sense of occasion. Tasteful grandeur, a statement without bragging. It boded well. A 60,000 person capacity means there’s ample […]

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