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    In Berlin, by the wall of sound: Technics’ SL-1000R

    We’ve seen Technics’ re-imagining of the SL-1200, the vinyl DJ’s turntable of choice, as the audiophile-aimed SL-1200GAE and SL-1200G. That was 2016. We’ve seen the more affordable variants: the SL-1200GR and SL-1210GR. That was 2017. At IFA 2017 in Berlin, Technics teased a move in the opposite direction. News of two forthcoming ‘reference class’ models. At […] More

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    Record Store Day 2018 in Berlin

    There are many reasons to applaud Record Store Day (RSD): it puts a marginal format at the forefront of cultural discourse and is fundamental to keeping record stores afloat. There are also many reasons to pour hate on RSD: the exploitative pricing; the pressing plants clogged up by major labels’ seemingly frivolous cash-ins; the queues; […] More

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    Introducing the Darko.Audio YouTube channel

    Tentative. That’s how one might describe this site’s first foray into video. Armed with an iPad (!) and an app that overlaid a faux VHS tape look over everything, I shot RMAF 2015. Looking back almost three years later, I cringe. On the other hand, if you don’t look back and wince once in a […] More

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    Letters to the editor: It’s (not) all about the music

    Let us consider the hi-fi system as a human body: the loudspeaker skeleton, powered by amplification muscles and wrapped in the room’s skin. An analogue or digital front end fleshes out our corporeal metaphor. In the audio system’s bloodstream runs music. A hi-fi system is no more (or less) more dependent on music than a […] More

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    Darko.Audio Podcast #3 – In A Room

    In a week where we extensively introduced the Kii Three loudspeakers with three videos, it’s a nice piece of symmetry that the Darko.Audio podcast reaches its third episode. For ‘#3 – In A Room’, we have loosened the editing screws to discuss a piece of gear that Darko would replace in a heartbeat, the room as […] More

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    An army of DSP

    DSP. Digital signal processing. The likes of Sonos, Apple and Amazon harness its power to extract the best possible performance from their pint-size loudspeakers. In the headphone space, DSP’s impact becomes clearer. Ever tried switching the active noise cancelling off during a flight spent with headphones from Sony or B&W? The difference isn’t small. Elsewhere, Audeze is […] More

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    Gayle Sanders Eikon readies high-end active loudspeaker system

    Gayle Sanders, co-founder of electrostatic loudspeaker legends Martin Logan, has reportedly emerged from pseudo-retirement with a new brand bag – Gayle Sanders Eikon – and a new high-end active audio system: the Image1 loudspeakers and outboard Eikontrol box. The gloss black-finished Image1 are floorstanders with two opposing 8″ bass drivers, a 5″ midrange and an AMT “wave guided” […] More

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    Innuos announce ZENith Statement server/streamer

    Last year we positively raved about the ZENith MKII SE from Portugal’s Innuos. Limited to 100 units, the Roon-capable server/streamer extracts the very best performance from every DAC it touches. That includes DACs used by this commentator since the MKII SE review, further cementing my belief that one’s digital budget should be split more evenly […] More

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    Future-Fi in the Kii of Three

    Three – it’s the magic number. It’s been three years since Kii Audio, helmed by CTO Bruno Putzeys (Grimm/Mola Mola/Hypex/nCore) and CEO Chris Reichardt, premiered their digitally active Three loudspeakers at a Munich recording studio. Three years since I first sat in a Berlin cafe, jet-lagged, pushing go on Srajan Ebaen’s preview post – Time […] More

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    Oscillate wildly with Higher Intelligence Agency

    It all looks a little quaint viewed from the other end of a 25-year time telescope but throughout the mid-90s, Birmingham’s Oscillate (Sound System) was the thinking UK wo/man’s techno club. “Oscillate provided an exceptional environment for live electronic music and played a pivotal role in supporting this emerging art form in the ’90s. Acts then […] More

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