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Three CES 2024 ‘announcements’ that came up short

  • At CES in Las Vegas this week, Roon pulled the covers off a new high-end n’ high-priced Nucleus server called Titan (US$3700+). The catch? To non Vegas visitors, it is supplying only a single ‘exploded’ photo (see below).  The irony is especially cruel when the press release makes a big noise about Titan’s aesthetics: “a premium Roon server that promises a superlative Roon experience paired with breathtaking visual appeal.”

    The list of talking points expands on this:

    • “Precision-machined billet aluminum enclosure crafted from a solid block of premium metal.”
    • “Stunning aesthetics, designed for display and admiration.”
    • “Available in three elemental shell finishes: metal, stone* (composite), and wood.
    • “Exterior design echoes Roon’s music discovery features and the eclectic nature of music collections.”

    Please, Sir, can I have some more (photos)? Alas, my best Oliver Twist fell on deaf ears. According to Roon’s marketing arm, more photos will only be forthcoming when the Nucleus Titan officially launches in March. The CES 2024 showing is just a tease.

    It’s a similar story with FiiO whose £129 CP13 cassette ‘Walkman’ is on display at CES 2024 in the wake of December’s teaser images. And yet its design and feature set are still to be finalised. Like the Roon server, the CP13 won’t officially launch until March, which explains why no press release has been forthcoming. However, any last-minute changes made by FiiO ahead of the CP13’s official launch would make a mess of any news story written today. Again, the CES 2024 showing is another tease.

    Kanto’s UK PR firm sent out a press release last night about its new ORA4 active loudspeaker (US$399). The ORA4’s two-way design is intended for desktops with a 12-Watt Class D amplifier powering a 3/4″ silk dome tweeter and a 23-Watt Class amplifier taking care of the 4″ mid/bass driver. Inputs include Bluetooth, 24bit/96kHz USB-C (for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android) and RCA analogue. The subwoofer socket low-passes audio at 80Hz and will trigger a high-pass filter on the speakers themselves (at 80Hz) when a subwoofer connection is detected.

    Where’s the shortcut? Only a single photo has been supplied — see header image. We’re not shown the size of the ORA4 in situ (ordinarily covered by a ‘lifestyle’ photo) or what each speaker’s back panel looks like. What. A. Tease.

    Written by John

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