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The HEDDphone Two has been on the treadmill

  • In 2019, HEDD Audio reworked the AMT driver technology used for tweeters in its range of active loudspeakers for a new product: the HEDDphone — the world’s first headphone to use such a driver. An AMT driver is different from the dynamic and planar-magnetic drivers found in most other headphones because its pleated diaphragm exploits greater surface area to squeeze air like an accordion. And yes, in a headphone, an AMT driver does proper bass.

    But there was a wrinkle: the HEDDphone featured bulky earcups and weighed in at a whopping 718g. To put that into context, the Apple AirPods Max weigh 385g and the Sennheiser HD650 260g.

    If you were put off by the beefcake nature of the original HEDDphone (as I was) then today’s news will be right up your Straße. Fresh from the treadmill comes the HEDDphone Two which weighs in at 550g. That’s almost 200g lighter than the original.

    Spearheading the HEDDphone Two’s weight-loss program is a carbon-fibre frame whose mechanically simple straps permit adjustment of the earcup height but also their clamping force. Suspended beneath the headband are cushions designed to better distribute the HEDDphone Two’s weight across one’s noggin. This will (hopefully) delay the slow build-up of pressure points on top of the head as we listen for longer. That headband, along with the earcups, are finished with vegan leather.

    Inside each earcup, we find a technologically refreshed AMT driver. According to HEDD, the new diaphragm is made from a “Kapton polyamide film” for a frequency response that goes down 10Hz to and up to 40kHz (not that humans can hear that high). The HEDDphone Two’s sensitivity is rated at 89db with nominal impedance clocking in at 41 Ohms.

    And just like the original model, the HEDDphone Two requires dedicated amplification. HEDD says “to achieve a satisfactory level of loudness and unlock its full potential….amplification is needed to allow the Air Motion Transformer driver within the HEDDphone to deliver its world-class sonic clarity and accuracy. Without it, you simply won’t get the full experience.” On this, HEDD is recommending headphone amplifiers with at least 1 watt of output power: an RME ADI 2 / 2-4, an SPL Phonitor X or a Zaehl HM1. See the gallery photo below.

    Accessories? Yep. There’s a boatload of ’em. The HEDDphone Two ships with its own travel case, an additional set of ear pads, a 2.2m unbalanced cable with a 6.35mm plug, a 2.2m balanced cable with 4.4mm plug, a 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter and a balanced 4.4mm to XLR adapter.

    The HEDDphone Two will begin shipping within the next few weeks for US$1999, €1999 or £1699.

    Further information: HEDD Audio

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