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Rega announces AYA floorstanding loudspeakers

  • GRC. That’s the abbreviated term for the glass-reinforced cement used by Rega to make its latest floorstanding loudspeaker, AYA. Each AYA sits 87cm tall and weighs a shade over 14kg and according to the UK manufacturer, GRC helps reduce cabinet weight whilst upping structural integrity and saving on the reportedly skyrocketing costs of MDF + veneer.

    From Rega’s website: “The process of moulding the AYA loudspeaker cabinets was developed alongside a UK-based company who are [sic] best known for bespoke concrete furniture and installations.”

    The cabinet is also (what’s known as) a ‘band-pass cabinet’ whose internal acoustic filter allows only certain frequencies to pass. On the front baffle, we note the presence of a port and three drivers. This is a 2.5-design:

    • Rega ZRR tweeter
    • Rega 5″ MX-125 mid/bass driver
    • Rega 7″ RR7.8 bass driver

    According to Rega, AYA’s nominal impedance clocks in at 6 Ohms with sensitivity coming in at 89.5dB. And whilst we are talking numbers, the AYA apparently took ten years to design and will sell for Β£1495/pair with speaker grilles an eighty quid optional extra.

    Further information: Rega

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