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Denon readies direct-drive DP-3000NE turntable

  • Denon has this week announced a new flagship turntable. The DP-3000NE features a 9″ S-bend tonearm (with 9mm available for VTA adjustment) and a direct-drive motor that’s driven by a PWM module which in turn is fed by a switch-mode power supply.

    From the press release: “Switch mode power supply (SMPS) greatly benefits turntables by avoiding the use of a linear transformer, avoiding unnecessary vibrations. It allows integration of the power supply into the turntable, getting rid of any external power transformer or power bricks dangling behind the product. It also avoids voltage and frequency fluctuations from variation in the power grid.”

    In tandem with Denon’s “Space vector pulse with modulation (SV-PWM)” algorithm – presumably running on an internal DSP board – the DP-3000NE’s switch mode power supply ensures accurate speed stability when turning the platter.

    Back to the press release: “SV-PWM greatly reduces harmonics in the motor which can cause overheating and torque fluctuations and offers a continuous reliable voltage and frequency output for long periods of listening at any rotation speed or load via continuous feedback of the rotation speed.”

    On the front of the plinth, one button executes “start/stop” and the other speed adjustment: 331⁄3rpm, 45rpm and 78rpm are available. A wooden structure wrapped in dark ebony – a real wood veneer no less – DP3000NE’s plinth moves this turntable away from the more utilitarian aesthetic of direct-drive turntable rivals from Technics or Cambridge Audio and pushes it closer to what a mainstream interior designer might call ‘more visually agreeable’.

    The feature set is rounded out by adjustable vibration-reducing feet and a see-through dust cover.

    Shipping begins in October 2023 with the Denon DP-3000NE going on sale for €2499.

    Further information: Denon

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