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Lumin’s D3 is the first high-end network streamer to support Plex

  • Lumin has this week announced the D3: the successor to its popular high-end D1 and D2 network streamers. The new model’s D/A conversion circuit is based around an ESS Labs ES9028PRO chip and features a fully-balanced analogue architecture to output via a pair of XLR sockets on the back panel. Single-ended RCA sockets are also part of the deal. As is a BNC digital output for connecting the D3 to an external DAC.

    Users can optionally upsample or downsample any incoming signal to all supported formats up to DSD256 or PCM 384kHz and the volume attenuation is a lossless design from Leedh (covered in more detail here). The whole shebang is reportedly wrapped in a chassis that’s been finished with the same treatment as Lumin’s much more expensive P1.

    However, the big news here relates to the D3’s software. Lumin’s engineers have reportedly over-spec’d the internal storage and processing power of the D3 to allow ample room for future upgrades. At the time of launch, the D3 will support Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, MQA, TIDAL, Qobuz, TuneIn and Plex.

    Your attention is drawn to the last item in that list because this is the first time we have seen support for Plex music streaming in a high-end audio player.

    Why is this a big deal?

    Regular Plexamp users will already be hip to its power as a music streaming app both inside and outside of the house (more on that here) but with the D3, Lumin has tapped into Plexamp’s remote control functionality.

    We might think of Plexamp as Spotify Connect for our Plex server’s music library: we can use it to stream or offline music but any instance of Plexamp running on a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC can also instruct a Plex server running on the same network to stream music content gaplessly to the instance of Plexamp running inside the D3.

    A Plexamp streaming system doesn’t come with all the power features and magazine layout of Roon — but it’s also not as expensive as Roon.

    The D3 begins shipping at the end of September and will sell for €2570.

    Further information: Lumin | Plexamp

    Written by John Darko

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