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Bowers & Wilkins woos entry-level with 600 Series S3

  • Bowers & Wilkins has today announced the 600 Series S3, the latest installment in the UK company’s second longest-running series of loudspeakers since the 800 Series Diamond. The new 600 range is made up of four new models: the 603 S3 floorstander, the 606 S3 standmount, the 607 S3 compact standmount and the HTM6 S3 centre channel unit.

    Common to each new loudspeaker is an all-new TitaniumDome tweeter: a two-parter where a 25-micron thin (and rigid) main dome is braced by a 30-micron titanium ring, housed in an elongated tube and capped by a more open tweeter grille, the latter borrowed from the 800 Series Signature.

    Bowers’ Continuum Cones also make an appearance in the new 600 Series S3’s bass and mid/bass units but they now feature “more powerful, lower distortion 700 Series S3 motor assemblies”. Improving driver integration are crossovers updated with “upgraded bypass capacitors from the 700 Series S3” and intersection trim rings that allow the tweeter to sit closer to the main drive units on the front baffle.

    According to the press release, the cabinets also enjoy new terminal trays, a 700 Series specification bass reflex port and stiffer internal bracing. Furthermore, the new standmount models now feature metal threaded inserts for a more secure fixing to the optional FS-500 S3 stands (which sell for £279/US$300/€300 per pair).

    Now come pricing and driver specifics, lifted wholesale from the press release but with the clarification on 🇺🇸 dollars added by yours truly:

    “603 S3. £1999/US$2500/€2300

    A floorstanding speaker featuring an all-new 25mm (1”) Titanium Dome tweeter, a 150mm (6”) FST Continuum Cone midrange driver plus two 165mm (6.5”) paper-cone bass drivers.

    606 S3. £749/US$1100/€1000

    A standmount or bookshelf speaker featuring the all-new 25mm (1”) Titanium Dome tweeter with a 165mm (6.5”) Continuum Cone mid/bass driver.

    607 S3. £599/US$900/€800

    A compact standmount or bookshelf speaker featuring the all-new 25mm (1”) Titanium Dome tweeter and 130mm (5”) Continuum Cone mid/bass driver.

    HTM6 S3. £649/US$900/€750

    A dedicated, high-performance centre-channel speaker featuring the all-new 25mm (1”) Titanium Dome tweeter plus dual 130mm (5”) Continuum Cone mid/bass drivers.”

    Each new 600 Series S3 model comes in a choice of finishes: Oak, White or Black. The Cherry finish is exclusive to the Asia-Pacific region. ‘Strayaaa.

    Further information: Bowers & Wilkins

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