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Pro-Ject re-introduces Tristand loudspeaker stands

  • Filed under ‘essential’, four doors down from ‘boring’, we find loudspeaker stands.

    Essential‘ because we need stands to get our standmount loudspeakers off of the floor – and higher than a low board – for them to sit at the correct height. In many cases that means the tweeter measures the same distance to the floor as our ears.

    Boring‘ because stands also allow us to play with our loudspeakers’ proximity to the front and side walls where the negative influence of every first reflection’s comb-filtering effects can mess with what we hear at the listening chair. Very few of us enjoy the speaker setup samba — but that brings us right back to ‘essential’.

    Pro-Ject’s latest entry into the speaker stand market is the Tristand, which they’ve reportedly made before. This year, the Austrian company is bringing ’em back. The Tristand comprises a solid steel frame where two tubes lean front-to-back and two back-to-front to connect the top plate to a heavy bottom plate. Into the latter, we screw spikes which provide a small degree of height adjustability. That there are only three spikes makes levelling the stand a bit easier. Height-adjustable top-plate spikes are also included.

    The Tristands are made in Europe and will sell for €399/pair when they go on sale later this month. Your choice of black or white.

    Further information: Pro-Ject

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