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Munich High-End 2023: Andrew Jones talks MoFi SourcePoint 8 & 10

  • This is the first of two videos to come off the back of my recent visit to Munich High-End 2023 — and it’s a 50-minute interview with loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones.

    If ubiquity is our yardstick, Jones has become the world’s best-known loudspeaker designer of the last decade. He has worked with several prominent audio companies over the years and a quick run through the man’s resumΓ© tells us that he gained early recognition at KEF, where he designed the acclaimed KEF Reference Series. Jones later joined Infinity Systems, where he designed successful speaker models known for their exceptional sound quality at affordable prices. He then moved to Pioneer Electronics (now Onkyo Pioneer Corporation) and played a pivotal role in creating the high-end TAD Series speakers as well as a super-affordable range for Pioneer. Jones also collaborated with ELAC to develop the highly acclaimed ELAC Debut and Uni-Fi series speakers, which redefined performance expectations in their respective price ranges.

    Most recently, Andrew Jones has designed loudspeakers for MoFi Electronics. The SourcePoint 10 and SourcePoint 8 derive their names from the coaxially-aligned tweeter and mid/bass driver, which is often referred to as a ‘point source’. I wanted to know: does the constant movement of the mid/bass driver negatively impact the sound of the tweeter? To answer this (and more), I sat down with Andrew Jones an hour before Munich High-End kicked off its final day and I opened with a more basic line of inquiry: what is the difference between the SourcePoint 8 and the SourcePoint 10?

    Few audio engineers with a career as extensive and as successful as Jones’s can also explain complex concepts in a relatable way. This makes him the perfect foil for loudspeaker-related conversations.

    🎥 Camera: John Darko
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