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Buchardt celebrates 10 years with Anniversary 10 active standmounts

  • Buchardt Audio is celebrating a decade in the loudspeaker business with a new 2-way active standmount called, appropriately, the Anniversary 10. This will be the first Buchardt loudspeaker to feature cabinets made from 19mm thick solid wood where all pieces are CNC’d and assembled in the company’s new Denmark-based cabinet-making facility. Your choice of American Walnut, Natural Oak, Stained Black, Charcoal Ash or Natural White.

    Into these portless cabinets will go two drivers: an in-house-designed 19mm aluminium dome RFA19 tweeter – complete with custom waveguide – and a 6.5″ mid-bass driver from Danish neighbours Purifi; a company co-founded by Bruno Putzeys, Lars Risbo and Peter Lyngdorf. This unusual-looking driver’s surround and its neodymium magnet structure have been collectively implemented to enhance rigidity, reduce unwanted resonances, maximise efficiency and minimise distortion.

    Powering the two drivers inside the Anniversary 10 aren’t Class D amplifiers but digital amplifiers similar in topology to those used by another Danish neighbour Lyngdorf (and another audio company founded by Peter Lyngdorf). Digital amplifiers are sometimes referred to as Power DACs because the signal travels through the amplifier in the digital domain and is converted from PCM to PWM just before the output stage and then that PWM signal is used to switch the output devices (usually MOSFETs) directly — no interstitial off-the-shelf DAC chip required.

    Inside the Anniversary 10, the Purifi mid-bass driver gets 150 Watts of digital amp go juice and the tweeter 50 Watts. The two are then stitched together by a DSP-based crossover which is user customisable (to some degree) by the implementation of Buchardt’s MasterTunings which, when loaded into the loudspeaker’s digital circuitry via a USB stick, alter its voicing.

    The Anniversary 10 will also be equipped with WISA circuitry for full compatibility with the now-Roon Ready Platin Hub. We stream from a NAS or the cloud to the hub and the hub sends left and right channel information wirelessly, fully synchronised, to each loudspeaker. The only wire that must hang from the back of each loudspeaker is the mains cable. But if you insist otherwise, the back panel’s XLR socket permits the connection of analogue sources.

    Pricing will come in at €3950/pair with pre-orders attracting a €200 discount. All sales are factory direct.

    Further information: Buchardt Audio



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