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Podcast: Why bigger loudspeakers are better

  • As we chatted ‘off air’ after his first Darko.Audio podcast appearance in October, IAG’s Director of Acoustic Design Peter Comeau said he’d love to come back to the podcast one day to explain why bigger loudspeakers are better than smaller loudspeakers. How could I say no to a topic with such universal appeal? In February, the IAG-owned Wharfedale announced a rebirthed Dovedale, which unwittingly set the stage for Comeau’s bigger-is-better story. Smouldering in the back of this interviewer’s mind from the outset of our second podcast conversartion was a seemingly simple question: why might someone choose the Dovedale over the Mission 770? Both were designed by Comeau and both speak to the mid-century modern-focussed furniture buyer. Before Comeau could answer that, we needed a short history lesson plus some schooling in basic physics.

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