Podcast #45 – Made in China + Why no negative reviews?

  • In this episode of the Darko.Audio podcast, Michael Lavorgna and I discuss a recent poll that reveals how 32% of the Darko YouTube audience would think twice about buying a hi-fi product that’s “Made in China”. We also dig into a question that, like a cockroach, refuses to die (and was recently tackled by Herb Reichert and Steve Guttenberg): “Why don’t we see more/any negative reviews?”. Lavorgna then details the latest findings in his journey up the food chain of phono pre-amps and I reveal a surprise finding about presenting room measurements. As usual, we round out the episode with a pair of album recommendations.

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    👉🏻As mentioned in this episode…

    Aururasound HFSA-01

    Ortofon pre-mounted 2M cartridges

    Rega Planar 8 & 10 in white

    Ferrum Wandla

    Made in China YouTube poll results

    Steve & Herb on NEGATIVE REVIEWS

    Manley Chinook phono pre-amplifier review

    TM Phono Stage Survey: The Big Roundup

    John Beltran – Ten Days of Blue (Live at Dekmantel)

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