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KEF adds Metamaterials (and more) to its new R Series

  • Last year, KEF updated its Reference and Blade loudspeakers with the Metamaterial disc – first seen in an updated LS50 – that sits behind the tweeter to absorb a large percentage of the back wave (that would otherwise bounce around inside the cabinet).

    From the UK company’s 2020 press release: “Harnessing MAT, KEF has created a synthetic material that has the super capacity to absorb all unwanted sound radiating from the rear of the driver, reducing distortion and enabling the prevention of audio distraction.”

    Now KEF is adding a Metamaterial disc to its more affordable R Series of loudspeakers: the R11 Meta, R7 Meta and R5 Meta floorstanders; the R3 Meta standmount; the R6 Meta and R2 Meta centre channels; and the R8 Meta surround modules.

    Each new R Series loudspeaker sports a 12th Generation Uni-Q driver with MAT (Metamaterial) technology, which also includes a ‘tweeter gap dampener’ and ‘Flexible Decoupling Chassis’ to put the brakes on unwanted vibrations and resonances.

    Inside the cabinet, vibration control is taken a step further with ‘Constrained Layer Damping’ bracing and a reworked crossover circuit splits the signal between the Uni-Q’s tweeter and surrounding midrange driver plus any separate ‘Hybrid Aluminium’ bass drivers.

    Each of the seven new R Series models will be available in a choice of Black Gloss, White Gloss or Walnut. However, come the summer, the R7 Meta (floorstander) will land as a Titanium Gloss Special Edition and the R3 Meta (standmount) as an Indigo Gloss Special Edition.

    Finally, pricing:

    • R11 Meta: £5500/pair
    • R7 Meta: £4000/pair
    • R5 Meta: £3000/pair
    • R6 Meta: £1600/piece
    • R2 Meta: £1200/piece
    • R8 Meta: £1400/pair
    • R3 Meta: £1900/pair
    • S3 Floor Stands (for the R3 Meta): £649/pair

    Further information: KEF

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