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Naim readies NSC 222, NAP 250 in ‘New Classic Series’ stack

  • Naim has announced a fresh take on its pre-power stack with the introduction of a ‘New Classic Series’ whose foundation is laid by the NSC 222 streaming pre-amplifier and a (new generation) NAP 250 power amplifier and where the pre-amplifier can be upgraded by the addition of the optional NPX 300 power supply.

    Even though the new NSC 222 internalises an MM phono stage, this is very much a streaming show. The 5.5″ front panel screen can display album art, track information, volume level and the active input with streaming support looking to be comprehensive. Say hello to Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple Music, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and aptX Bluetooth with Internet Radio and Qobuz handled by Naim’s in-house-designed Music app. The internal DAC circuit is built around a TI PCM1791A DAC chip and the entire unit pulls a mere 0.5W when in standby mode. The NSC 222 ships with a Zigbee remote control wand and its headphone output is reportedly derived from the headphone edition of the Uniti Atom.

    Between our pre-amplifier and our loudspeakers, we need a power amplifier. Here, Naim is offering up its new balanced XLR-equipped NAP 250 that threatens 100wpc from its dual mono circuit. The NAP 250 features separate DR SPUs (Discrete Regulator Sound Processing Units) and eight NA009 power transistors which were developed for Statement and are mounted on ceramic insulators to reduce capacitive coupling. A new triple transistor constant current source also (reportedly) helps improve sound quality. The new NSP 250 also features a 20-minute auto power-off function and dual power supply for a soft start-up sequence and 0.5W standby power.

    Want to take this pre-power pairing to the next level? When connected to the NSC 222 pre-amplifier, the NPX 300 power supply will disable the preamplifier’s own internal power supply to offer up a cleaner supply. This substitution comes in the form of a linear supply, juiced by a large toroidal transformer, and a 0.5W switch-mode supply for when the NSC 222 is in standby mode.

    Here we go with pricing. Available later this month, the NSC 222 will sell for US$8999, the NAP 250 for US$8999 and the NPX 300 for US$8999. The full stack will run you 3 cents short of US$27K.

    Further information: Naim

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