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Musical Fidelity introduces Nu-Vista PRE, PAS & PAM

  • PRE, PAS and PAM: not three ladies from Dagenham but a new range of high-end amplification from Musical Fidelity (now owned by Heinz Lichtenegger of Pro-Ject Audio Systems). The new pre-amplifier (PRE), stereo power amplifier (PAS) and monoblock amplifiers (PAM) were reportedly built as an extension to Musical Fidelity’s Nu-Vista 800 circuit and – a maximalist’s dream ticket – each unit comes with its own outboard power supply.

    Nu-Vista refers to Musical Fidelity’s spin on Nuvistor tubes/valves that, according to the press release, “…were invented in the 1950s to solve the many shortcomings of conventional tubes. Unlike them, Nuvistor tubes offer very high reliability, low microphony, low noise, consistency from batch to batch, small size, relatively low power consumption and great technical performance.”

    The Nu-Vista PRE is a traditional all-analogue pre-amplifier with 12 independent inputs – six balanced XLR and six single-ended RCA – whose audio signals are routed via a balanced, Nuvistor tubed-loaded circuit comprising all discrete components, a ‘precision’ stepped volume attenuator and a Class A output stage to your choice of balanced XLR or single-ended RCA outputs. The whole thing is wrapped in an aluminium chassis to put 22kg on the scales. The matching external power supply is similarly housed to double the product’s overall volume and add another 24kg to your hi-fi rack.

    The matching Nu-Vista PAS stereo power amplifier sees an octet of 6S 51N Nuvistor tubes (on the input stage) combine with all discrete components for a “balanced, low distortion circuit based on the legendary Titan 1000W amp that employs five pairs of high-power output devices for stable and reliable operation. The separate capacitors for bulk supply and output devices reduce output impedance and improve dynamics. Added chokes improve the supply ripple and pulse current spike reduction.” 

    On output power, the Nu-Vista PAS threatens 300wpc into 8 Ohms, 500wpc into 4 Ohms and 1000wpc peaks into 2 Ohms. SNR is rated as better than 108dB. We’re not told the unit’s weight but, like the PRE, the PAS comes with its own similarly-sized outboard power supply.

    Want more output power and better channel separation? You’ll need to take more than a second look at a pair of Nu-Vista PAM monoblocks – each requiring its own outboard power supply – for 600wpc into 8 Ohms, 1000wpc into 4 Ohms and 1500wpc peaks into 2 Ohms plus a damping factor of 180. Each PAM weighs 27kg with the corresponding power supply adding a whopping 40kg.

    Pricing is suitably high-end:

    NU-VISTA PRE + PSU: €22,000

    NU-VISTA PAS + PSU: €24,000

    NU-VISTA PAM + PSU: €22,000/each

    Further information: Musical Fidelity

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