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Podcast: Meze 109 Pro review

  • Counting us in…

    ONE Carbon-reinforced cellulose membrane
    TWO Beryllium-coated torus
    THREE Copper-zinc alloy stabiliser ring

    and…these are the three core ingredients for the 5cm driver that sits behind an ornately cut grille inside Meze’s new mid-tier headphone, the open-backed 109 Pro (€799). Being a dynamic driver (and not a planar-magnetic), the Romanian company hasn’t outsourced its design and production to Ukraine’s Rinaro – as per the higher-end Empyrean, Elite and Liric – but is handling everything in-house.

    That home-based design and assembly M.O. extends to the 109 Pro’s wooden earcups and support structure that effectively supersizes the auto-adjusting frame of the now seven-year-old 99 Classics to risk would-be consumers seeing it as exactly that: a souped-up 99er. It isn’t. Aesthetic similarities aside, Meze’s 109 Pro is very much a different beast from its more affordable brother. How do I know? Meze sent one pair to me and another to Srajan in Ireland for us to double-team a podcast review.

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    UPDATE: The second, more philosophical half of this podcast is available as a Patreon-only bonus here.

    👉🏻 As mentioned in this podcast…

    Meze 109 Pro:
    🛒 (US)

    Srajan’s 6moons preview (with photos)

    Sennheiser x Drop HD6xx

    Dan Clark Aeon Flow Open

    Final D8000 Pro

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