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MoFi Electronics announces the Andrew Jones-designed SourcePoint 10

  • The first fruits of Andrew Jones’ move to MoFi Electronics have today fallen from the tree: a pair of mid-century-modern-styled standmount loudspeakers called the SourcePoint 10, whose name inverts the traditional nomenclature for the concentric/coaxial arrangement of a (1.25″ soft dome) tweeter and a (10″ paper pulp) mid/bass driver that in turn helps guide the tweeter’s output.

    According to Jones, a larger driver surface area minimises its movement and makes it more capable of delivering low bass. To wit, the SourcePoint ten are rated by MoFi Electronics down to 42Hz with 91dB sensitivity, 8 Ohms nominal impedance and 6.2 Ohms minimum impedance, which sum to a relatively easy load for most amplifiers.

    From the press release: “It is not enough to simply optimize the frequency response of the woofer and tweeter,” says Jones. “It is also critically important to minimize distortion in the motor structure of the drive unit. If the motor has distortion, it will generate new frequencies outside of the original signal. We have been very deliberate with the design of the motor to reduce these distortions.”

    Here Jones has implemented a “twin drive” magnet system that precisely couples two high-flux neodymium magnets – one for the mid/bass driver and one for the tweeter – to create a fully symmetrical magnetic field that “eliminates flux modulation for extremely low intermodulation distortion (IMD) and accurate reproduction”. Read Jones’ white paper here.

    The internally-braced cabinet sees 1″-thick MDF panels on the sides, top, bottom and back (where we find two reflex ports) overhang a sculpted 2″-thick front baffle to reduce diffraction. However, fifty litres of internal capacity and 37cm x 57cm x 42cm dimensions tell us that this isn’t the mini-monitor that defined Jones’ ELAC years: the SourcePoint 10 is a large standmount that’s (ironically) too big for the Solid Steel stands seen in the promotional photography (see below). Neither is this the budget loudspeaker that defined Jones’ tenure at ELAC. The SourcePoint 10 will sell for US$3699/pair. Your choice of Satin Walnut or Satin Black Ash real wood veneer.

    Further information: MoFi Electronics

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