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Audio-Technica has made 2022’s best-looking turntable

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    Audio-Technica is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the introduction of a new turntable, the AT-LP2022. Turntables often come across as complicated to the uninitiated so let’s break this one down piece by piece.

    The AT-LP2022 foundation is a 3cm-thick* high-density clear acrylic plinth (sometimes called a ‘chassis’) upon which sits a similarly transparent acrylic platter. There is no word from Audio-Technica on if we should place our records directly onto the acrylic platter or if we must use an interceding felt mat (or similar), which would surely spoil the look of this very attractive (8kg) turntable.

    Between the platter and the plinth sits a DC servo motor that turns the belt that (ultimately) turns the platter. Yes, this is a belt-driven turntable and not direct-drive. Providing the go-juice is a switch mode wall wart. Speed is controlled via a three-position rotary located at the bottom left corner of the platter that activates the motor at the desired speed: 33rpm or 45rpm.

    In the diametrically opposite corner, we find a metal tonearm base – with tracking force, VTA, anti-skate and lift mechanisms – that serves a straight 9″ carbon-fibre tonearm. Attached to the business end of that tonearm is an Audio Technica AT-VM95 cartridge; it comes factory-fitted with an AT-VM95E elliptical stylus (in a black shell) but also supplied in the box is a clear-shelled AT-VMN95SH Shibata stylus. Changing up that stylus is a snap: slide one off and the other on. Doing so will change the sound.

    On the underside of the plinth sit four height-adjustable feet. A properly levelled turntable ensures maximum fidelity. Conversely, a turntable that leans in one direction – even slightly – will see its sound quality compromised. A detachable dust cover and RCA cables – for connecting the AT-LP2022 to an outboard phono stage – are also provided.

    The wrinkle? Audio-Technica state that the AT-LP2022 will be (an individually numbered) limited edition of 3000 — and at an asking price of £999/US$1200/€1200, I wouldn’t hang around.

    Further information: Audio-Technica

    * The press release says ’30mm’ but Audio-Technica’s website specifications say ’16mm’ 🤷🏻 .

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