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This week’s 4 best hi-fi news announcements (September ’22)

  • The most interesting hi-fi (and head-fi) news stories for Week 35, 2022.

    From Colorado’s PS Audio comes a new monoblock power amplifier. Like the BHK Signature 300 monoblock, the incoming PerfectWave BHK 600 was developed in collaboration with the (late) Bascom H. King. However, the new model threatens twice the forerunner’s output power into 8 Ohms (600 Watts) and more than doubles its 4 Ohms rating (to 1500 Watts). According to the press release, the BHK 600 is balanced from input to output, offers single-ended connectivity, features a twin-tubed input stage and tube rectifier plus a MOSFET output stage that enjoys its own power transformer. Your choice of silver or black. Pricing comes in at US$32,498/pair. Oh — and each monoblock weighs a whopping 49kg.

    South Korea’s Enleum is building on the success of its AMP-23R loudspeaker and headphone amplifier with a more affordable, sleeker unit dedicated solely to ‘go anywhere’ headphone listening. The HPA-23RM is reportedly based on the AMP-23R’s circuitry but runs on a rechargeable battery to offer both voltage (3.5mm) and current (6.4mm) signal paths / outputs. The front panel also features a toggle-switch for gain adjustment. The HPA-23RM will (initially) be limited to 250 pieces when it begins shipping in November for US$3000.

    Pro-Ject has once extended its super successful Debut series of turntables with the Debut Pro S. The new model comes dressed in (Batman) matte black, features a wider 47cm plinth and a 10″ S-shaped tonearm with SME-style connector for easier cartridge swap outs. The Debut Pro S will be available this month for €899 and comes factory-fitted with a Pro-Ject Pick it S2 C cartridge.

    The lesser-known Classic Audio has announced a new entry-level MM phono stage in the Spartan 5. The new model promises tighter RIAA accuracy, a second-order subsonic filter, a mono switch and a split linear power supply. Each unit is handmade in Kent, UK and features hand-selected film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, metal thin film resistors and integrated circuit all mounted to a double-sided PCB for a SNR of 76dB. Price: £150. To be made available on Amazon after all existing ‘waiting list’ orders have been fulfilled.

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