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IKEA & Swedish House Mafia have designed your next hi-fi rack

  • Swedish House Mafia might not be your musical cup of tea – they certainly aren’t mine – but the EDM supergroup will soon alter the audio furniture landscape for the better. Let me explain…

    Tens of thousands of vinyl lovers around the world already use IKEA’s KALLAX storage unit in its various versions to store their records. You don’t have to go too far on Instagram to see vinyl enthusiasts storing their records in, say, a 2 x 4 KALLAX unit with their turntable and amplifier – and sometimes loudspeakers – placed on top.

    KALLAX’s success can be largely attributed to one key factor: price. A 2 x 4 unit can be had for €69 and each 33cm (13″) x 33cm (13″) storage ‘cube’ can house up to fifty records and/or a small piece of audio equipment. But at 44cm wide, full-width hi-fi components are a no-go. That means any full-width hifi hardware must sit on top of the unit and a 2 x 4 will only accommodate a maximum of two components. It’s a limitation that has prevented many of us from going all in on KALLAX for our vinyl and hifi component storage.

    Until now.

    Swedish House Mafia has collaborated with the Swedish furniture manufacturer to remix the 2 x 4 KALLAX for a new product called OBEGRÄNSAD – see header image above. The unit has been extended vertically to include a pair of extra 66cm-wide bays for amplifiers and/or other audio equipment. I’m thinking: integrated amplifier in one, a Pi-based network streamer + DAC in the other; and the turntable and phono pre-amplifier placed on top. Bedroom bangers wanting to load the top plate with a pair of turntables or CDJs will also appreciate the unit’s extra height.

    The OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit is due to begin shipping in October but pricing remains TBC.

    Further information: IKEA

    Written by John

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