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Is the Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 the world’s smallest amplifier?

  • Pro-Ject has this week announced the Amp Box S3. The latest iteration of the Amp Box features a newly redesigned circuit board that promises lower distortion (<0,02% @ 10W / 4 Ohms) and better signal-to-noise (87dB, A-weighted) that its predecessor. However, at 10.3cm x 3.6cm x 11.8cm, we have to ask: is this the world’s smallest power amplifier?* (see footnote #1)

    Power output on the Amp Box S3 is rated by the manufacturer at 23wpc into 8 Ohms or 40wpc into 4 Ohms and despite the units size, the binding posts on the rear can accommodate banana plugs, spade connectors and bare wire. Inputs are a single set of RCA sockets — and that’s (almost) all she wrote.

    From the press release: “We designed this amp to match the sound characteristics of a tube amplifier as close as possible. If you want to use a bi- or tri-amplification setup, you can use the trigger outputs to connect further power amplifiers.”

    Pro-Ject asserts that the Amp Box S3 is best suited to rooms measuring 15 square metres or less. But doesn’t that assume the presence of 85dB-ish loudspeakers? Those in possession of noise makers packing a higher sensitivity rating (say, 90dB+) might find the Amp Box S3 gives ’em all the power they need.

    Price? €299 each. Your choice of silver or black. Made in Europe. #tinyfi.

    Further information: Pro-Ject Audio Systems

    Footnote #1: How large is the 20V outboard power supply?

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