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AcouLab introduces Première S active loudspeaker

  • Founded in Germany in 2018, AcouLab is set to introduce its first product: a DSP-infused active 2-way standmount loudspeaker called Première S that mates a 7″ Air Motion Transformer with a 7″ mid/bass driver (of unknown material). Powering each driver is a 250 Watt Class D Hypex amplifier module.

    The twist comes in the form of AcouLab’s promise that the Première S can deliver the performance of a floorstander from a 400 x 220 x 350 mm cabinet. AcouLab claims that its standmount can hit 25Hz at -3dB “while keeping distortion to a minimum”.

    The AMT driver covers all frequencies above 1kHz – which means it does some midrange – and is crossed over to the mid-bass driver with a DSP-coded Linkwitz-Riley 4th order implementation. DSP usage goes further still. The ‘woofer’ is equipped with a sensor-based motion feedback system, which compares the output to the input signal in order to correct any deviations in real-time.

    For its time domain performance, we look to the press release where the “Première leverages the power of digital signal processing and FIR filtering to provide a time-coherent playback behavior. Great care has been taken to ensure the most transparent A/D and D/A conversion – respecting the qualities of any upstream components in the audio chain.” Chip nerds note: the DAC is a pair of ESS9038Q2M and the ADC an AKM AK 5572.

    BYO network streamer or analogue pre-amplifier — on inputs, we get balanced XLR analogue and balanced XLR digital with automatic signal detection.

    The Première S is made in Germany excepting parts that are sourced from overseas because they are “favourable to the product’s performance”. 

    Pricing says hello at €4699 – your choice of piano black or matte white – but at the time of writing, the Première S is only for sale within the EU.

    Further information: AcouLab

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