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Podcast #38 – Buying your first (and second) hi-fi system

  • Looking to put together your first (or second) hi-fi system? Before you get to setting a budget and building a shortlist, why not reduce the tyranny of choice and find out what would best serve you by asking yourself these ten questions:

    1. Would you classify your listening space as small, medium or large?

    2. To what degree do you see a hi-fi system as a household appliance?

    3. Are you a loud listener or do you prefer to listen to music at lower volume levels?

    4. Do you like the look of floorstanding loudspeakers or do standmounts have greater visual appeal?

    5. Would your downstairs neighbour object to you running a subwoofer?

    6. Do you know what an open-baffle loudspeaker is (and why you might want one)?

    7. To what degree are you a minimalist?

    8. Do you like to tinker with technology?

    9. Is your couch movable?

    10. Would anyone in your household object to acoustic panels being hung on the walls?

    Srajan Ebaen and I sat down last month, just before Munich High-End, to discuss how one might best approach buying a first (or even second) hi-fi system.

    Listen via SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn or the embedded player below:

    As mentioned in this podcast…

    DALI Spektor 2:
    🛒 (US)
    🛒 (DE)
    🛒 (UK)

    Rotel A11 Tribute:
    🛒 (US)
    🛒 (DE)
    🛒 (UK)

    Topping E30:
    🛒 (US)
    🛒 (DE)
    🛒 (UK)

    Mark Levinson No. 5909

    Mytek Liberty II

    Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

    NAD M10 V2

    Dutch & Dutch 8c

    Grimm LS1

    Kii Three

    Vicoustic room makeover

    Mola Mola Tambaqui

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    Written by John

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