Podcast #34 – Buying used gear + Mission, Roon & Totem

  • After the 2.5-hour epic episode with Srajan Ebaen (#33 – ‘How much amplifier power do we REALLY need?’), Michael Lavorgna and I decided to keep it tight for episode #34 — 57 mins and we’re out.

    The main topic for this episode hones in on an experience I’ve had numerous times. (Perhaps you have too?) It goes something like this: when discussing a new product on a forum, in a Facebook group or in a comments section, it doesn’t take long before someone shows up to say, “You do realise that you could do much better if you bought second hand?”. Well, yeah. But also: no. Lavorgna and I discuss the ‘no’.

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    👉🏻  As mentioned in this episode…


    Mission 770

    Pursuit Perfect System on Mission 770

    Tidal Connect comes to dCS

    The Roon ‘Hardware’ store

    A&K AK UW100 TWS IEMs

    AXPONA 2022

    MUNICH 2022


    Al Chem – Weird Fiction (2017)

    King Hannah: I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me (2022)

    Written by John

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