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AXPONA 2022: McIntosh Labs

  • We’ll close out our AXPONA 2022 coverage with the grandaddy of American hi-fi manufacturers, McIntosh Labs. At the business end of this system sat a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 802D4 loudspeakers (US$26,000/pair) bolstered by a pair of JL Audio Fathom F113 V2 subwoofers (US$6000/each) whose crossover came by way of a JL Audio CR1 (US$3500).

    Powering the B&W floorstanders were two McIntosh MC611 power amplifiers (US$16,000/pair), fronted by a two-box McIntosh preamplifier solution: the tubed-up C1100 and its matching C1100 controller box (US$14,000).

    An Aurender A20 music server/streamer (US$14,000) provided the music and cabling came from AudioQuest: the new FireBird analogue interconnect (US$6900 – US$13900, depending on length), a 6ft pair of ThunderBird Zero/Bass speaker cables (US$7400/pair) and Hurricane power cords (US$1750 – US$3250, depending on length).

    The brand name might be on the exhibitor list but for regional shows around the world, that same brand might be represented by a local dealer or distributor, as was the case with McIntosh Labs at AXPONA 2022 where hardware supply, setup and representation came via Chicago dealer Audio Video Interiors.

    Further information: Audio Video Interiors

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