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  • “No moving parts”. That’s the mantra of AURALIC CEO Xuanqian Wang whose line of streaming-focussed audio products was on full display at AXPONA 2022 but split into two systems, each fronted by a pair of active loudspeakers from the UK’s ATC.

    System #1 saw an Aries G2.1 streaming transport (US$5699) feed a Vega G2.1 DAC (US$7899, review here) but not before the former’s output had been upsampled by a Sirius G2.1 (US$7899) and reclocked by a Leo GX.1 (US$10,499). Playing catch on the line-level output of US$31996 of AURALIC electronics were the amplifiers inside a pair of ATC SCM100ASL active loudspeakers (US$51,000). Providing power conditioning to the whole shebang was an AudioQuest Niagara 1200. Total system cost: US$84,291.

    Too much bread? Perhaps Sir would have been interested in System #2 where an Altair G2.1 (US$6099) – an all-in-one streaming DAC with MM phono stage – played directly into a pair of ATC’s more slender SCM19A active loudspeakers (US$9999). This would clock up US$17,393 at the cash register once the AudioQuest Niagara 1200 had been added to the docket.

    Here was a chance to hear side by side two complete hi-fi systems. However, anyone attempting to isolate the performance of the AURALIC electronics themselves would quickly be tripped up by the more pronounced differences between the ATC loudspeakers and their internal amplification.

    What AXPONA offers is a show and tell where prospective customers can get hands-on with the gear, to see it in the flesh, and should their interest be sufficiently piqued, arrange an audition at their nearest dealer. If there is no ‘nearest’, Statesiders can buy online from Auralic’s website where a 10% restocking fee (should a return be necessary) becomes the price of the home audition.

    Further information: AURALIC

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