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Rotel readies A12MKII, CD14MKII and RCD-1572MKII

  • Some manufacturers mark their anniversaries with new models or limited-edition versions of existing models. Rotel is marking its 60th year in the audio electronics business with a slew of MKII upgrades. We’ve already seen the A14MKII, RA-1572MKII, RA-1592MKII, RC-1572MKII and RC-1590MKII. Today brings news of three more MKII revisions: the A12MKII, CD14MKII and RCD-1572MKII — two CD players and an integrated amplifier.

    From the press release: “The new models benefit from innovations and improvements to the circuit designs and enhancement to critical audio components, resulting in exceptional performance, improved accuracy, and greater acoustic detail. The soundstage of the new models delivers wider and more genuine presentation of the music with increased depth and natural expression.”

    The 60wpc A12MKII, still loaded with DAC and phono stage, gets a new DAC circuit that’s built around a Texas Instruments chip as well as a new digital processor and digital interface chipset for better handling of its aptX Bluetooth, USB, coaxial and TOSLINK inputs. This integrated amplifier also receives 12 ‘complimentary’ changes to its power amplifier section.

    For the CD14MKII and RCD-1572MKII CD players – that come complete with analogue and digital outputs – Rotel has upgraded their CD drive mechanisms, specified a new CD controller chipset, a new Texas Instruments-based DAC circuit and “tuned critical acoustic components”. Why might you choose the RCD-1572MKII over the CD14MKII? One answer is the RCD unit’s balanced XLR outputs.

    The press release additionally informs us that these MKII models “feature power supply refinements, precision acoustic coupling capacitors, and circuit board layout isolation techniques that lower the noise floor and reduce distortion.”

    Pricing? The A12MKII will sell for US$1099/£949/€1099, the CD14MKII for US$899/£649/€749 and the RCD-1572MKII for US$1099/£995/€1099. Your choice of silver or black finishes.

    Further information: Rotel

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