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Audio Pro’s Link 1 is another affordable network streamer

  • If you liked our story on Wiim Mini network streamer but lamented the absence of Ethernet network connectivity then the Audio Pro Link 1 might be more your speed. The Link 1 covers off wireless and wired network streaming for a few dollars more than the Wiim Mini. Pricing on the Audiopro comes in at US$129/€149/£99:

    🛒 (US)
    🛒 (DE)
    🛒 (UK)

    The price of adding Ethernet doesn’t only hit our wallets but streaming connectivity options too: the Audio Pro Link 1 gives us Siri/Alexa integration, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and AirPlay but no Tidal Connect. Audio Pro’s website doesn’t specify AirPlay 2 so we’ll assume it’s the original AirPlay where multiroom isn’t part of the deal.

    Where multiroom is possible is with the Audio Pro UPnP app that ships with the unit; a free download for iOS and Android. The app gives us local network streaming possibilities as well as Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal integration. I am often asked if these kinds of apps integrate Apple Music. The answer is always ‘no’. Only Sonos integrates Apple AirPlay. Beyond Sonos, we must use Bluetooth or AirPlay to stream Apple Music from the comfort of the couch, both of which see the stream travel through the smartphone, tablet or Mac.

    Does the Audio Pro app play gaplessly? We don’t yet know. That’s a question for the manufacturer to answer. As are the specifications of the unit’s two outputs: the 3.5mm analogue output whose internal DAC specification is unknown; and the TOSLINK output whose sample rate ceiling and possible resampling are also unknown.

    It should be noted that the Audio Pro Link 1 isn’t new. It dates back to 2017. I thank one of this site’s readers for bringing it to my attention. Going off each manufacturer’s photography, the Link 1 is more aesthetically pleasing than the Wiim Mini. That might be important to you. I know it is to me. And it’s (almost) always nice to have options.

    Further information: Audio Pro

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