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Podcast #28: Audiolab 6000A Play review, CAF 2021 & value perception

  • Having aired last week some thoughts on the value perception of megabuck gear, I took the topic to Twittering Machines’ Michael Lavorgna to get his take on the matter: does value matter less the higher the sticker price on an item? How would one review a super-expensive item? Do rich people care less about the money they spend?

    Before that, I wanted to hear from Michael about what he had seen at the Capitol Audio Fest held in Rockville, Maryland the weekend before last. CAF 2021 was one of the first Stateside hi-fi shows to re-appear whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is still very much with us.

    However, this podcast episode is the first in which I have attempted to review a piece of hi-fi gear. The Audiolab 6000A Play streaming amplifier / super-integrated is a game of two halves: heaven and hell. Find out why by listening via SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn or the embedded player below:

    Mentioned in this episode…

    Audiolab 6000A Play

    Capital Audiofest


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