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Got wood? Grado’s RS2x & RS1x

  • How to mark 30 years in the headphone biz? For Brooklyn’s Grado, it means a new dynamic driver housed inside two new headphone models.

    The all-new ‘X’ is Grado’s fourth driver iteration in almost three decades – an earspeaker with ‘reconfigured’ diaphragm, higher magnetic power but lower effective voice coil mass – and will debut in two new open-back headphone models: the RS1x and the slightly more affordable RS2x.

    Got wood? Grado does. Providing the earshell structure for the 4.4cm X driver in the RS2x are maple and hemp wood. The RS1x and its 5cm X driver see cocobolo added to the mix. Wood was reportedly chosen by Grado for its tonal qualities. From the press release: “This combination brings out harmonic colors, a rich vocality, and the mid-range Grado is known for.”  And just as a loudspeaker might be chosen to best fit a room, each ‘X’ driver has been tuned to its wooden enclosure.

    Rounding out the new models’ feature sets are new ‘durable’ 8-conductor cables and white-stiched leather headbands. Nominal impedance and sensitivity on each model clocks in at 38 Ohms 99.8dB respectively.

    The RS1x will see for £799/US$750 and the RS2x for £599/US$550. Shipping begins in December.

    Further information: Grado Labs

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