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Technics readies SU-G700M2 integrated amplifier

  • We were there. At IFA. In Berlin. Three years ago. When Technics launched their SU-G700 integrated amplifier. This year, IFA has been struck from the calendar due to the ongoing pandemic but that hasn’t stopped Technics from introducing an updated version of the SU-G700 (and more) via a live stream.

    The SU-G700M2 integrated amplifier reportedly features trickled down from the company’s flagship SU-R1000 integrated amplifier. From the press release: “The SU-G700M2 inherits Technics’ full-digital core amplifier technologies, such as the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimization) for highest signal precision free of jitter and distortion, and LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) for optimal matching to any speaker.”

    Wait a hot minute: wasn’t LAPC was already incorporated by the original SU-G700 (?) for which Technics’ explanation runs as follows on their German website (as filtered through Google Translate):

    “The impedance of a speaker changes with frequency. The power amplifier must drive the speakers regardless of their specific characteristics. Conventional digital amplifiers control the loudspeakers via a low-pass filter in the output stage. As a result, the influence of the impedance characteristics of the connected loudspeakers is much stronger. Although the amplitude characteristics of conventional amplifiers can be controlled by means of negative feedback, it is not possible to optimize the phase characteristics. Therefore, Technics developed an adaptive optimization algorithm for the loudspeaker impedance. It corrects the impulse response of the loudspeaker using digital signal processing. To do this, it measures the amplitude-phase characteristics of the amplifier with the loudspeakers connected. This new method enables the frequency response characteristics of amplitude and phase to be smoothed, which is not possible with conventional amplifiers. The correct timing of the resulting amplifier signal leads to a sound image with precise spatiality.”

    Thankfully, there’s more.

    According to the press release the SU-G700M2 inherits its power supply design from the flagship SU-R1000 where an ‘Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply’ (AS²PS) has been built from “fast” semiconductor parts such as GaN (Gallium-Nitride) FETs and Silicium Carbide (SiC).

    The SU-R1000 also lends its aluminium “spin texture” to the SU-G700M2’s volume and source selector knobs and the latter’s phono input now offers MC cartridge compatibility (in addition to MM) and a phase selector switch to optimise the sound of older records.

    The SU-G700M2 begins shipping in Europe in October 2021 and will sell for £2199 or €2299. The casework is (still) fashioned from hairline-brushed aluminium and we (still) get a choice or silver or black.

    And let us not forget: when a man is tired of VU meters, he is tired of life.

    Further information: Technics

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