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Monitor Audio launches 7th Generation Silver Series

  • Party like it’s 1999 — the year that UK company Monitor Audio first introduced us to its Silver series of loudspeakers. Twenty-two years down the line and we’re now at generation seven. That means two new standmounts – the Silver 50 7G and the Silver 100 7G – plus three new floorstanders – Silver 200G, Silver 300G and Silver 500 7G – and, for home theatre folk, a new centre channel, new rear surrounds and Atmos models.

    Central to each 7G model are 1) a new C-CAM gold dome tweeter, backed by a second take on Monitor Audio’s Uniform Dispersion Waveguide, as well as 2) mid/bass (or midrange) drivers built using ‘Rigid Surface Technology’ (RST) with “with its new hexagonal dimpled structure just one indicator of the changes to the cone and geometry structure that result in smooth, low-distortion sound”. According to the press release, the crossovers have also been reworked.

    The press release is also keen for us to know about the 7G Silver Series’ attention to detail: from the ‘crisp and clean’ outward aesthetic to new driver times, outrigger feet for the floorstanding models and new magnetic grilles with “premium grade weave”.

    Finish options number five: satin white, high gloss black, black oak, natural walnut and ash.

    UK pricing comes in as follows:

    Silver 50 7G (RRP £575)
    Silver 100 7G (RRP £750)

    Silver 200 7G (RRP £1,150)
    Silver 300 7G (RRP £1,450)
    Silver 500 7G (RRP £1,725)

    Home theatre
    Silver C250 7G (RRP £600)
    Silver FX 7G (RRP £600)
    Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos® enabled speaker (RRP £650)

    You can expect to see a video review of the Silver 50 7G land on these pages at the end of August.

    Further information: Monitor Audio

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