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Etymotic announces EVO, its first multi-BA IEM

  • Despite being in the earphone business for 30 years, it has taken Etymmotic that long to design, manufacturer and announce its first-ever multi-driver IEM. The all-new EVO features three balanced armature (BA) drivers, configured as a two-way design, where a pair of low-frequency BAs are crossed over to a single midrange/treble BA. These drivers are set inside a moulded stainless steel shell.

    From the press release: “By using a two-way design, it produces a tight, low-end sub-bass while providing a true and transparent sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Beautifully integrating three balanced armature drivers into a molded stainless-steel shell, the Evo truly is beautiful in both sight and sound.”

    The accompanying Linum BaX T2 low impedance cable and its T2 Talon connectors come from a partnership with a company called Estron. According to the press release, the cable is designed to be “incredibly lightweight, durable and almost invisible while wearing. The T2 Talon is a superior connector that is small, lightweight, and will far outlast the competition”.

    The big claims don’t end there. The press release also says “The Etymotic EVO is the most accurate multi-driver earphone on the market”.

    The Etymotic EVO is available now for £499/US$499.

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