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Campfire Audio announces two new entry-level IEMs

  • Two new IEM models from Campfire Audio are about to enter general circulation, this time at the more affordable end of the market and with a dose of colour inside and out. Honeydew and Satsuma aren’t designed to sound the same but they are intended by Campfire to appeal to both professional musicians and people who listen purely for pleasure.

    Honeydew – the yellow one (see below) – puts a 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver inside the Portland company’s bespoke 3D-printed acoustic chamber that optimises the driver’s placement and its tuning. This has been wrapped in a super-tough ABS outer shell with voicing that offers (according to the press release) “seamless translation and representation of the lower frequency spectrum”. Price? US$249/€279.

    Satsuma – the orange one (see header image) – puts a single balanced armature driver inside a bespoke 3D-printed acoustic chamber to run full range. Also wrapped in an ABS outer shell, Satsuma’s voicing is (according to the press release) “characterized by highly focused mid-band frequencies, tightly controlled bass response, and enhanced highs — without the harshness”. Price US$199/€229.

    Campfire peg the Honeydew as better suited to electronic music, DJs, drummers and bassists whilst the Satsuma is reportedly ideal for anyone working with (or listening to) guitars, keyboards or vocals.

    Both models ship with Campfire Audio’s “high-quality cabling” and the company’s class-leading packaging that houses a soft-lined carry pouch and a broad range of ear tips to help every listener find the optimal fit.

    Further information: Campfire Audio

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