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Flat-packed Kallax-Fi loudspeakers from Ikoustic

  • The concept of Kallax-Fi is simple: hi-fi hardware that fits inside an IKEA Kallax’s 33cm x 33cm cabinet hole. Electronics candidates are increasingly numerous: Bluesound’s Powernode 2i, NAD’s M10 and Naim’s Uniti Atom are three that we’ve covered in the past couple of years.

    But what about loudspeakers? Joining the Morel Högtalare (that occupies one full Kallax hole) is the eponymous Ikoustic loudspeaker: a transmission lined single driver design that ships with the cabinet and internal padding packed flat for the end-user to self-assemble at home before it can occupy half the width of a Kallax opening but its full height. Details are scant. The presence of a wall wart suggests this is a powered loudspeaker. Bluetooth and stereo-pairing connectivity confirm it.

    Click this image to see available colours:

    The Ikoustic website talks of their loudspeaker’s patented A.R.T. technology:

    “A common source of distortion in loudspeaker systems is internal acoustic resonance of the cabinet. We’ve minimized that by creating a maze-like chamber with absorbent material, which is designed to offer a smooth change in acoustic impedance and a structure free of internal acoustic resonances.”

    The Ikoustic aren’t on sale yet. They will first debut on Kickstarter for US$249/pair. Add US$50 for bespoke stands. Anyone not caring about stereophony can get a single Ikoustic speaker for US$129.

    Those with an aversion to crowd-funded products are advised that the Ikoustic’s retail pricing adds some serious coin to the sticker – US$459/pair (add US$90 for stands) – where they meet some serious competition from the likes of ELAC, Q Acoustics, KEF and Wharfedale…none of which are Kallax-Fi.

    Further information: Ikoustic

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