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Schiit announces US$199 Modius DAC

  • We’re big fans of the Schiit Modi at Darko.Audio but have you ever wondered what a bigger, badder version might look like? Maybe a Modi with more inputs, more outputs and better USB receiver chip?

    Wonder no more because Schiit’s new Modius takes the Modi Blueprint and specifies a better DAC chip (the AK4493 instead of the AK4490), adds an AES/EBU digital input, balanced XLR outputs and, Schiit’s in-house-developed Unison USB receiver circuit and “a whole pile of precision parts, including a 200MHz, 32-bit Microchip microprocessor, the TI LME49724 balanced amp and the OPA1662, and thin-film capacitors and resistors.” 

    The Modius, like the US$99 Modi, is USB powered, designed and built in California (and maybe soon Utah) and will sell for a totally non-outrageous US$199. Those harbouring a strict R-2R attitude are directed to the US$249 Modi Multibit.

    The Modius is shipping now in black and silver finishes.

    Further information: Schiit Audio

    Photo credit: Lee Shelly

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