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AURALiC bumps G2 Series to G2.1

  • AURALiC emerges from its Corona lockdown phase with a refresh of its top-tier digital audio separates: a streamer (Aries G2.1), a streaming DAC (Vega G2.1), a reference clock (LEO GX.1) and an upsampler (Sirius G2.1, pictured above).

    From the press release we note five key talking points:

    1. For improved EMI/RFI rejection, all boards are now placed inside an internal copper chassis before being wrapped in an outer aluminium case and mounted on a heavyweight sculpted metal base.

    2. For better microphonic resistance – vibrations that turn to unwanted electrical charges – is a new spiked suspension system where all G2.1/X.1 chassis feet house a set of six coiled springs, each tuned to a different ‘tension point’.

    3. A circuit tune-up on the Aries G2.1 has seen the revision of its USB output for broader DAC compatibility and its USB input for broader HDD compatibility

    4. On the software side, AURALIC’s in-house coded Lightning DS platform has now reached v7.0 to include CD playback and CD ripping to any directly- or network-connected storage device. On this, the press release says, “Lightning’s CD function will read each disk sector several times to ensure ultimate data accuracy, then save to memory cache prior to playback. This makes for a completely jitter-free CD playback experience, besting other standalone CD players at far higher prices.”

    5. Lastly, for users of the proprietory Lightning Link, AURALiC has ensured backwards compatibility on the incoming G2.1/X.1 units, which will talk to their G2/X2 forerunners.

    All four revised models are available to order now. Shipping commences on 15th June. Pricing? As follows…

    Aries G2.1: US$4799 / €4699

    Vega G2.1: US$6899 / €6699

    LEO GX.1: US$8999 / €8999

    Sirius G2.1: US$6899 / €6699

    Further information: AURALiC

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