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IKEA discontinues GNEDBY CD storage towers

  • Looking for the best value vinyl storage on the planet? Even the most casual record buyer will be hip to IKEA’s KALLAX where each ‘cube’ holds between 50 and 60 records. Pricing starts at €25 and tops out at €130. The Swedish furniture company has also given us affordable amplifier/DAC platforms in the form of APTITLIG butcher’s blocks, interlocking sound-absorbing panels in ODDLAUG‘ and, most recently, a robust listening chair in ÄLEBY.

    Looking for the best CD storage on the planet? Once more, IKEA has us covered. Their 2m GNEDBY tower sells for €25 (in white) and houses up to 180 CDs — that’s better per-item value than KALLAX. Birch, oak, brown and black/brown finishes attract a €10 premium.

    And if you’re thinking of buying a GNEDBY CD storage tower to finally organise the CDs you’ve been buying this past couple of years, it might be wise to hit IKEA’s ‘add to cart’ button sooner rather than later because, in the USA, where the retail CD’s sales decline is at its sharpest, GNEDBY is being discontinued:

    “Unfortunately, our GNEDBY shelf unit (402.771.43) is being discontinued and no longer in stock in our online warehouse. We’re unable to guarantee there will be future availability…”

    We know not yet if this IKEA product EOL affects the rest of the world but this CD collector is taking no chances. I’ve filled four GNEDBY towers with CDs since January 2019 but I future-proofed my music buying habits yesterday with the purchase of four more.

    Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    Further information: IKEA

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