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2go 2yu 2me: Chord Electronics adds streaming to Hugo2, all DACs

  • Chord Electronics news announcements are like buses. We wait months for one to arrive, only to see two turn up at once. This week’s second slice of Chord news is streaming-centric and brings with it the announcement of two new products.

    First up, the 2go: a rechargeable bolt-on streaming module for the Hugo2 DAC that adds gapless bit-perfect playback via twin 2TB-capable microSD card slots, UPnP, AirPlay and Roon Readiness. Essentially, 2go is to the Hugo2 what Poly was to the Mojo.

    Hi-res support is once again part of the deal but Spotify Connect support remains ‘in the works’. Input switching is automatic, presumably triggered by incoming signal detection.

    The 2go’s battery recharge comes via its micro-USB socket, network access via WiFi and – one-upping the Poly – Gigabit Ethernet. Setup and configuration are handled via Chord’s GoFigure app which will reportedly see its next major update in ‘early 2020’.

    Use the 2go/Hugo2 on your work desk for headphone listening or connect it to a loudspeaker system for an all-Chord streaming DAC. Let us not forget: the Hugo2 ships with a remote control wand.

    For those who don’t own a Hugo 2, a second new product – the 2yu – serves as a digital output module for the 2go with “2,000 MIPS (million instructions per second) of processing power, an integrated sample rate converter, plus a low-jitter audio phase lock loop”. Directly attach the 2yu to the 2go to form a network streamer that will talk to any third-party DAC via USB, TOSLINK, coaxial or BNC (both 75 Ohms). Very clever.

    Both the 2go and 2yu are handmade at Chord Electronics’ HQ in Kent, England.

    Pricing? The 2go will sell for £995 and is shipping immediately. The 2yu will be stickered at £449 when it arrives in stores in February/March.

    Further information: Chord Electronics

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