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RME quietly updates its ADI-2 DAC

  • ADI-2 DAC. We first encountered RME’s domestic facing desktop DAC at Superbooth ’18. Like Mytek, RME is a DAC manufacturer serving both studio and home-based listeners:

    “Derived from their ADI-2 Pro, the ADI-2 DAC (€999) drops the Pro’s analogue inputs and associated ADC for a streamlined DAC and headphone amplifier that, phono stage and MQA support aside, has the potential to take on the Mytek Brooklyn at half the money.”

    The ADI-2 DAC is firmware updateable and features TOSLINK, coaxial and USB inputs as well as balanced and single-ended outputs. That’s the back panel. On the front, a 6.4mm socket for our full-size headphones and a 3.5mm for our portable variants and, in low power mode, our IEMs. Output impedance on both sockets is specified by RME at 0.1 Ohms.

    This week, RME has announced an upgraded take on the ADI-2. Whilst aesthetically and functionally the same as its predecessor, the amended model moves the AKM decoder silicon from AK4490 to AK4493 to net better SNR (up from 117dB to 120dB) and decreased distortion (down 10dB to -120dB). According to RME, the noise floor on the unit’s 3.5mm output has also been lowered. Many IEMs are merciless in revealing circuit hiss.

    However, the biggest change-up is the addition of a multi-function programmable remote control that permits changes to the active input, volume, bass, treble and balance (so far, so ordinary) but also 5-band parametric EQ and crossfeed settings, all from the listening position.

    The pricing remains the same as before: €999. Made in Germany to boot.

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    Further information: RME Audio

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