RMAF 2019’s youngbloods: Vinnie Rossi, Mark Sossa & Grover Neville

  • “Hi. My name’s Grover Neville. I work for Schiit in tech support. I’m 24 years old.”. No, we’re not back in junior school quoting every last month of our age but at RMAF 2019 where Darko.Audio’s three-pronged show coverage fork skewered three younger exhibitors and the brands they represent. The following three gents are all ≀40 years of age and put a serious downward drag on the average age of audio show attendees.

    With a reversal of our usual roles, Darko.Audio video editor Jana Dagdagan was on-site* [see footnote #1] at RMAF’s new venue – the Gaylord Rockies Resort, a spit from Denver airport – to record proceedings whilst I took care of editing in-between days spent at IFA Berlin 2019 (coverage here and here). This calendar event clash and the EISA awards gala dinner regrettably kept me away from Denver this year.

    Jana’s camera first took aim at Vinnie Rossi (40) who could be found at RMAF 2019 showing off his L2i-SE integrated amplifier with optional modules for D/A conversion and phono staging. More info here. Rossi talks us through his new high-end piece here:

    Next up, Mark Sossa (37) who looks after Innuos on the other side of the Atlantic. Being shown off for the first time in Denver – and with proper A/B demos – was Innuos’ super-new PhoenixUSB re-clocker. Details here. Sossa makes the RMAF 2019 introductions here:

    This returns us to where we came in: Grover Neville, the youngest of our trio of manufacturer representatives. Neville’s eloquent walk through a number of Schiit products, including the new Sol turntable, should serve as an inspiration to other young guns:

    The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest returns to the Gaylord Rockies Resort in early October 2020.

    Further information: RMAF

    Footnote 1: Jana was primarily at RMAF 2019 to shoot promotional videos for Bowers & Wilkins, Technics, AudioQuest and the show’s organisers. As those videos were commissioned and paid for directly by their subjects, they will not be appearing on the Darko.Audio YouTube channel.

    A clarification lest newcomers assume all hi-fi publications work the same way: this website, its YouTube channel and, more specifically, our RMAF 2019 video coverage are all collectively funded by the banner ads that surround this and other articles. We have no need – or desire – to run sponsored video content.

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