Letters to the editor: Curious, Flare, MagicLX & more

  • Another selection of missives from around the world that seek to pay it forward to everyone else.

    Mark D. writes…

    Just wondering if you are aware of the fact that the Curious USB cable has been updated to the Evolved. I’m probably going to grab one in the next week to compare it against the original. I spoke to Rob the other week. He tells me he was aiming for more “air” in the new cable. I always thought the Curious was quite “contained” so it will interesting to hear how it goes. 😉

    Dave M. writes…

    Just a quick message to say how much I enjoy the delivery style and content of your YouTube equipment reviews. I’ll start frequenting your website now too.

    Your reviews of streamers and DACs has helped me navigate this new area of CA for me. I recently bought a 2nd hand Auralic Aries (full model) and starting with a little piece of Schiit (Modi 3), I have yesterday gravitated to a Gieseler Klein III. The Modi will go with my iMac now.

    Keep up the good work. If I can possibly overcome significant WAF backlash I’ll hopefully get a Schitt TT sometime (‘Sol‘ right?). Schiit Floaters…now, how can I introduce my better half to that concept?

    Jack N. writes…

    Hi John, I have been a fan of your website since its inception. Keep up the great work.

    My question is about room correction software. Was AudioVero’s Acourate intentionally not mentioned in your coverage or is it simply that you have not heard it? I would understand. [Forgive me but I’ve not even heard of it! – Ed]

    I have been using Dr. Uli Brueggemann’s software for some time now and find it to be very good. It may not be your bag nor your typical reader’s as it is not a nice neat hardware/ software solution but rather a bit tweaky and geeky in that it requires some computer skills, possibly some external peripherals such as a sound card, a good mic preamp and good measurement mic (ideally not a USB mic) and ability to translate the resultant correction files to the users playback software. On the other hand, you may find that it’s not much more tweaky and geeky than building a RPI /Allo Roon endpoint.

    Check it out and see what you think. Uli Breuggemann is great with customer support and may be able to help simplify a review of the software. There’s also been a book detailing how to use and optimize the software written by Mitch Bennett.

    Neil M. writes…

    Hi John

    I’ve loved the Flare Audio Jets, Pros and the Pro 2HD earphones (don’t believe you have tried them) but they are developing something that focuses your hearing of sound the earHD. Sound has a new clarity.

    Have a look, might be right up your street. No affiliation btw. Just stunningly good earphones.

    Drew. T writes…

    Hi. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your website and reviews. After reading your very well written review of the Resonessence Labs Mirus Pro [John Grandberg takes the credit there – Ed] I took your advice and upgraded my standard Mirus to Pro status. Wow – I’m thrilled with the improvement in sound quality over the standard Mirus (which was already quite awesome). What a wonderful little music machine the Mirus Pro is!

    Mike K. writes…

    Hi John

    Just wondering if you have considered “3M Command strips” when stacking devices instead of the dreaded rubber band solution. These are similar to velcro strips but much stronger. They can also be removed with no residue left on the devices. The ones I use are called “Small picture hanging strips”.

    Just thought it was worth a mention!

    Love your site btw. A refreshingly different approach to news and reviews.

    Ronald E. writes…

    Never disappointed in your presentations and interviews. This one took us to a higher level in the effort to improve the listening space. I grew up in radio stations; old fashioned ones with acoustic tiles and high ceilings. It was the 1950’s and ’60’s when a good space was critical because there was live music every weekend. There was the obligatory church stuff on Sundays, BUT, treats were likely to fall into your lap just about any time of the day on Saturday. There were local hitmakers. Some of whom you’d know. But Atlantic and Stax were making stars in those days, and when they rolled into our little Alabama town for a concert a promotional stop at the station was a must. The sound was sensational. I learned way back then what Jesco Lohan admonished during your interview: Invest more in the room than in the speakers. In the ups and downs of life the speakers haven’t always been stellar, but I always knew I could make them sound a whole lot better…and those who came to listen would eventually forget about the speakers and relax into the room.

    Siegfried Linkwitz’s last great achievement before he checked off the planet last Fall and left us grieving was a little speaker that is said to play wonderfully in ANY room regardless of the acoustic. It was intended for the DIY crowd, but Siegfried’s friend and business associate, Frank Brenner (down Stuttgart way) has produced a commercial plug-n-play version called the LX Sirius that is truly a work of art acoustically and visually. I hope you can run it through its paces.

    Keep it comin’.

    Wolfgang M. writes…

    I’ve been enjoying your reviews for a while now, and also noticing your taste in music. Since I didn’t see you mention my all-time favorite in this genre, here it is: Deep Space Network – Big Rooms (1993). [Possibly Dave Moufang’s finest album – Ed]

    May the winds be at your back 🙂

    Catherine L. writes…

    Thanks so much for your blog, videos and the like. I’m a former classical musician turned politics of ed prof (Rutgers U). As my career winds down, I have returned to SERIOUS music listening. Except, my needs have radically changed 30 years after leaving music–I have rheumatoid arthritis, so physically handling media is OUT! My hands just don’t work well anymore. So, I’ve dug in deep on digitized files and, started streaming Tidal–whose Masters option was and is a revelation.

    I followed your advice about picking what worked for me–digital and low fuss. So, last month I purchased a set of KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. Yes, they are $$$, but have a small footprint and a lovely presence. I don’t need loud (which will aggravate the musician earned tinnitus).

    Anyway, thank you for your work. It’s made my life much better. And I have one suggestion for the future: Think about what people with disabilities need to listen to great music at home. For a split second I thought about floor standing speakers, then laughed out loud. I can’t pick up anything heavier than a cat.

    Written by John

    John currently lives in Berlin where he creates videos and podcasts for Darko.Audio. He has previously contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

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