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Pro-Ject announces VC-S2 ALU, VC-E RCMs

  • VC-S? Vinyl Cleaning. The S? Not ‘system’ but the S range in which the Pro-Ject RCM sits. RCM? Record cleaning machine. Place a record on the machine, secure it with the clamp, apply the cleaning fluid, let the fluid sit for a few seconds and then vacuum it away. The record should now play with reduced surface noise.

    We reviewed the VC-S in early 2017, showing with needledrops and Audacity screenshots just how effective the Austrian manufacturer’s first vacuum cleaning machine could be in lifting dirt and grime from the grooves of second-hand record store finds. A DAR-KO Award winner, I purchased the review sample.

    This week, Pro-Ject has announced two new vacuum-based record cleaners.

    The VC-S2 ALU (€499) picks up where the original VC-S left off but with a €50 upward price nudge, substantiated by a new aluminium chassis, reportedly for greater longevity than the original’s black-laminated MDF. And like the original VC-S, the VC-S2 ALU’s vacuum tube and record clamp are also made from aluminium. The waste tank’s capacity sits at 2.5L — Pro-Ject reckons you’ll never need to empty it.

    Want a smaller and more affordable record cleaning appliance? The VC-E’s more compact price (€399) and diminutive aluminium chassis shrink the internal waste tank to 0.5L and swaps out the aluminium clamp for a plastic version. Crucially, the arm wand is aluminium.

    A must for crate diggers!

    Further information: Pro-Ject Audio Systems

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