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The look of love (Part 1): Peachtree nova300

  • Review loaners. Most units come and go within a three-month window. Others stick around for the long haul, ready to be plucked from the shelf to play comparative support in other reviews as required.

    Peachtree’s nova300 integrated amplifier was reviewed by yours truly some two years ago but the review unit never went back to the manufacturer. It sat and waited….for this site’s turn towards video — a format that begs for boxes that transcend the usual black or silver to be featured. A chance to bring Peachtree’s signature curved cornered sleeve down from the shelf:

    Wir essen auch mit den Augen. We also eat with our eyes. That’s as true for hi-fi hardware as it is for a couch, a laptop or a summer holiday. With Munich High-End upon us, where each demo room lays its own audible pawprints over everything we hear, the aesthetics and ergonomics of audio hardware pull into even sharper focus. At an audio show, we also hear with our eyes. Wir hören auch mit den Augen.

    Over the last ten years, Peachtree Audio’s amplifiers have been a constant reminder that looks matter and that megabucks aren’t a pre-requisite for sharp industrial design.

    Further information: Peachtree Audio

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