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When accuracy is overrated

  • What do large chunks of modern pop music (and techno, house and indie rock) and Munich High-End have in common? Both are LOUD. Modern music suffers from high levels of dynamic range compression. The Munich show delivers high levels of background noise. Pointing a camera and its microphone at an audio show and its conversational roar, in Munich multiplied and distorted by the echo of the M.O.C.’s exhibition halls, might be faithful to the real event but wait: is it enjoyable to watch/hear?

    Clearly Jana Dagdagan, Darko.Audio’s video editor and freelancer, thought not. Her 4-minute video summary of High End 2019 sidesteps the show’s loudness war by recasting the German event as a woozy, jetlag-fuelled dream.

    Dagdagan’s colour-graded footage and music soundtrack – that features only snatches from the show itself – means her film isn’t true to source (not even close) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable to watch/hear. Imperfect source material almost always benefits from a heavy dose of colour and/or well-judged editorialisation.

    Accuracy is overrated when faced with imperfect source material:

    Further information: Earspace on YouTube

    Written by John

    John currently lives in Berlin where he creates videos and podcasts for Darko.Audio. He has previously contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

    Darko.Audio is a member of EISA.

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