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A short film about the Klipsch RP-600M

  • Horns. We use one every time we cup our hands around our mouth to more efficiently ‘throw’ our voice. Megaphones work in a similar way. When the horn’s enclosure vibrates, it colours the sound. This is what we call ‘horn honk’ — less of a problem for megaphone designers than for loudspeaker manufacturers like Klipsch who horn-load their drivers. Tackling this problem in the RP-600M, Klipsch has lined the tweeter’s (Tractrix) horn surround with a silicone composite to tame any colouration.

    Still – a quick listen might lead some listeners with certain types of music to dismiss the RP-600M’s 1″ rear-vented titanium tweeter as leaning toward the wrong side of forward. Such are the limitations of an in-store or show demo. Extended experience at home tells us that reducing speaker toe-in improves matters considerably and that an amplifier’s top-end spice level should also be considered when partnering it with these Klipsch. Thankfully, the RP-600M higher-than-average efficiency  (96dB) means we get to fuss less over the amplifier’s power rating.

    The 6.5″ Ceramettalic mid/bass driver places the RP-600M at the more reluctant end of the bass spectrum to find greater agreeability with smaller listening rooms. This better exposes the Klipsch’s above average midrange-centric pop and shove.

    Slicing the frequency spectrum three ways is to take a limited view of a loudspeaker’s performance. What of the soundstage drawn – how large is it and how easily do player outlines come into focus? And what of dynamics, arguably the RP-600M standout feature? These Klipsch better expose the differences between quiet and loud to push the indie rock canon closer to the sound of The Pixies and they enlarge electronica’s kicks, throbs and squelches to barn-sized proportions.

    At the entry-level, there might be no more exciting loudspeaker than the RP-600M. That’s spells KO for this modern music fan:

    Camera: Olaf von Voss | Editor: Jana Dagdagan

    With thanks to Triangle Hi-Fi Studio, Berlin for the review loaner.

    Playlists: Spotify | Tidal | Qobuz

    Further information: Klipsch

    Written by John

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